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Eddie Redmayne photographed for The Telegraph in Budapest on August 7, 2011.

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I think this is one of the most beautiful roles masterly interpreted by our Eddie. A tweet on June 10,  2011 told us that Eddie had  just landed in Budapest. Six years have passed, he has given us a lot of emotions, but this role, along with The Danish Girl, is always one of my favorites.



This is Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., with Monday the day to honor those who have died serving their country.

Through his role as World War I soldier Stephen Wraysford in Birdsong, his presentation of the documentary, “War Art,” and his readings of poems and letters from soldiers since he was a schoolboy, Eddie Redmayne has captured the poignancy of war and loss.

He and Birdsong co-star Joseph Mawle went into the World War I tunnels of the Somme to research their roles, and Eddie tells of finding a soldier’s poem scratched into the chalky surface that he copied for inspiration in his portrayal: “If in this place you are detained/Don’t look around you all in vain/But cast your net and you shall find/That every cloud is silver lined… Still.”

•VIDEO: Eddie reading the poem, “Before Action,” for an exhibit at Lichfield Cathedral in the U.K. in summer 2016.

•VIDEO: Eddie, at the age of 16, reading a World War I soldier’s letter, “The Christmas Truce,” accompanied by the Eton College and St. George’s Chapel choirs:

•VIDEO: Trailer for “War Art”

[Photos: Birdsong (top), battlefield scenes from “War Art” (second and third), viewing the John Singer Sargent painting, “Gassed,” at the Imperial War Museum in London for “War Art.”]


When your literal life goals are to someday be looked at like Stephen looks at Isabelle in this scene. 

I’ve been sick in bed all day searching every possible Eddie tag I can think of.

Thank you Mr. Redmayne, for blessing my life.

These poems are as heartless as birdsong, as unmeant
as elm leaves, which if they love love only
the wide blue sky and the air and the idea
of elm leaves. Self-love is an ending, she said,
and not a beginning. Love means love
of the thing sung, not of the song or the singing.

Robert Bringhurst, from “These Poems, She Said,” The New Oxford Book of Canadian Verse in English, chosen by Margaret Atwood (Oxford University Press, 1982)


Some screens from Birdsong, which I just finished watching again. I always wind up wanting to kick the crap out of Isabelle for the way she mistreats Stephen. What more could anyone ask for than a guy who gives you his love & devotion & great sex all while looking like Eddie? And she just treats him like dirt. *sighs* 

Okay so I just watched Birdsong all the way through for the first time and OH MY GOSH THE FEEEEEEELLLLSSSSSS! Like, can someone just hold Stephen please? I WANT TO HOLD HIM AND TELL HIM EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

In other words, Eddie Redmayne never ceases to amaze me. His acting is PHENOMENAL! How is he even real?