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It only took 4 years but BAP are finally going to go on that trip to Hololulu, Hawaii #startedfromthebottomnowwehere 😭😂


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“You’ll Stay By Me Forever, Right?” (Yongguk)

Requested by anon

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    The smell of kimchi fried rice filled your apartment as you cooked a late-night snack, stirring the pan as you browsed your social media on your phone. You pushed up the sleeves of the long hoodie of Yongguk’s that you were wearing as a nightdress as you started to get too warm. You swayed from side to side, unable to help but jam to the song coming through your earbuds, and you were just about to dump the rice onto a plate when someone plucked out your earbuds, and you whirled around, startled, only to be wrapped by strong arms in a tight embrace and surrounded in a familiar smell. “Yongguk?” you murmured incredulously, even though you knew it was him. He wasn’t due to be back for another week.

    “Hey, babe,” he murmured into the crook of your neck and you grinned into his shoulder, your fingers gripping the back of his sweater.

    When at last you finally started to let him go, he kissed you, and you felt the frustration and sadness of missing him drain out of you through the passion of the kiss. When you finally drew back, you were out of breath. Yongguk gave you a warm smile, holding both of your hands in his. “It’s good to see you.”

    “You too,” you replied sincerely.

    “Nice outfit, by the way.”

    You looked down, slightly embarrassed, self-consciously holding down the hem of the hoodie. “Thanks. You hungry?”

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