This is for peppermint anon. I hope you’ve been doing alright girl! It’s still pretty bad allergy season so I wish you all the best. Just to engage with you guys a little, let me know your summer plans~

           Yongguk knew before she told him, and the moment he started to have suspicions, he started to have preliminary plans. He began to stock the refrigerator with all the food that she should be eating, but he knew he would have to fight her to. And he started to make plans to renovate for a nursery. But all of this had to be done in secret, of course. There was nothing that would suck more than having a nice surprise completely shattered.

           “Yongguk,” she sang out one morning and he braced himself. He had to pretend to be surprised. If he was too cool about it, then she’ll think he doesn’t care. So he was going to muster all the acting skills he had.

           “Yes, honey?”

           She smiled winsomely at him. “You’re up quite early. What’s for breakfast?” She edged past him and peered into the refrigerator. “Gukkie, why are there so many bags of vegetables? What is this whole wheat stuff? Where’s my potato bread?” She straightened up and whined.          

           “I’ve decided we’re going to live a healthier lifestyle from now on.”

           The news was coming. He sensed it from the way she opened her mouth to protest. He knew her very well. The truth was going to come out. He could hear the words from her lips now. “I’m eating for two.”

           But instead, she actually seemed to hold it in. Her lips turned into a pout instead. “I’m hungry. Baby carrots aren’t going to fill me up.”

           Yongguk grinned at her. “Omelets made with these baby carrots should fill you up, right?” He glanced at her and decided to prod her a little bit. “Are you sure you aren’t feeling weird lately? You seem to be having odd cravings.”

           He was antsy. He wanted her to say something already but she wouldn’t take the bait. Instead, she sat down and pulled the plate towards her. “Fine. I’ll eat it.”

           He looked at her, absolutely bemused. Was she toying with him? Did she really not understand what two lines in a pregnancy test meant? Even he understood and he can guarantee he has never ever used or thought of using the device at all in his life. Yongguk sat next to her. “Is it good?”  

           His wife nodded happily but still she didn’t say a word. Yongguk had to quell the growing excitement in his stomach. He’ll keep waiting. And if she won’t say it, he’ll let her physical changes announce it.

           Three months later, a box was delivered to him to his workplace. Yongguk stared at it curiously but signed the paper. When he was left alone, he eagerly grabbed a box cutter and opened it up. There was bubble wrap. Layers and layers of it. When he reached to the bottom, he saw an award.

           He picked it up and saw that it was indeed an award. There was a letter that came with it. In his wife’s bubbly handwriting was, “Congratulations on being the world’s best secret trimester daddy! Thank you for taking care of me these three months. I knew those carrots weren’t just some sort of fad. P.S. next time you want to hide the fact that you know I’m pregnant, make sure you hide the pregnancy test under the box, which was where I put it.”

           Even though he’s been caught, Yongguk was still grinning ear-to-ear. Maybe this was the least conventional way to tell your husband the good news, but it was one way and he was happy. Completely forgetting himself, Yongguk waved the award about and screamed a very happy “Yeah!”

           Back home he took on the role of an expecting parent with gusto. He laid out all his research and all his plans to her. “You absolutely need to take these vitamin supplements. They’re good for you and the baby. You also need to start planning ahead because once you enter the eight month, it’ll be best for you to go on maternity leave.”

           She was lying on the bed (his orders) as he pinned the papers to the bulletin board. He pointed at a diagram. “Here you are at three months. In another month, the baby will grow a little more. The baby already has organs, do you know?”

           “Yes, sir. I did study biology in school you know.” Yongguk stuck out his tongue at her and she shook her head. “Ay, look at how old you are. Are you sure you’re ready to be a father?”

           He ignored her and continued to lecture. “Soon we’ll be able to feel the baby kick. The moment you feel something, you need to tell me, okay?” Yongguk glared at her sternly. “You cannot keep it a secret the way you have about the entire pregnancy.”

           “Yes, Your Majesty. You will be the very first to know for sure,” she said.

           He smiled. “Okay, now the next thing that will happen will be-”

           “Gukkie,” she interrupted. He turned to her with a raised eyebrow. “Yes?” he mouthed. “I’m hungry,” she pouted. “Feed me another of your protein smoothies or whatever.”

           Yongguk checked his watch. “It’s dinnertime. You will not be getting a protein smoothie. You will be getting a five course dinner.”

           She sat up eagerly. “Really? What are you making?”

           He scoffed and poked her forehead. “That certainly got your attention.” She shrugged happily. He swung his legs over her body and sat on her lap. “Is this what I’ll have to deal with for the next six months? Will I only be dealing with a hungry monster from now on?”

           “Maybe. Do you have a problem with that?” She answered cheekily.

           Yongguk smiled and kissed her forehead. “Not at all. It’s my pleasure to feed you and our child. Let’s go. I hope you like eggplant?”

           The smack that landed on his arm hurt more than it should. “If you make me eggplant, both my child and I would punish you.”

           “I’m kidding,” he muttered as he reached for her hand. “Let’s go eat steak.”

           “Yay!” And those magic words rewarded him with a kiss.”