The Royal Wedding of Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana - the procession!

The procession is lead by the King and Queen of Maldonia with the new Princesses mother, Eudora, by their side, followed by the newlywed royal couple waving to the citizens of New Orleans!


IG & Twitter Update by Zelo and Yongguk

I feel really sorry for Junhong’s lost, poor boy *pat pat his shoulder* (btw can you guess who the girl is? hehehehehe)… I’m really happy to see Bbang’s updating his IG (I’ve been waiting for ages, I MISS HIM SO MUCH), I love seeing him working XD I can’t believe I missed his update bc I was busy drawing XD

Couple Goals

Summary: Here are somethings you and your boyfriend would wear/do to flaunt your couple status.


Bobby is very familiar with America so most likely whenever you two take a trip there, first stop is always the happiest place on earth.


Even if his girlfriend looks better than him in the same clothes, he will never admit to it.


He took the action to give you a gift and you will never forget.


You may not see him everyday since he is an idol, but that doesn’t mean your far apart.


You will always find a love through every shade of Gray. (From a song)


He is still pretty young, but the pictures and memories are not.


Boyfriend and girlfriend twinning is so picture worthy.


You both share a love for your fashion.

Mirarosae - Chapter One; Aries

I know we’re on hiatus, but I did say I was going to post a chaptered fic so here it is. Chapter one of a series we’ve called Mirarosae. It features nearly all the members we writer for, so each sign has its own sub-plot so it doesn’t get too much, whilst following an overall plot (sort of like Game of Thrones). Anyway, I hope you enjoy chapter one ^^

The town of Neirversis laid at the foot of the only volcano in Mirarosae, and was surrounded by hot springs that the people used in an attempt to keep those unwanted out. Like all the others in Mirarosae, those who lived in Neirversis lived a secluded life, and only those in its army and the warriors (chosen by The Miscere) ever truly left the town, like that of the armies and warriors of the other towns in Mirarosae.

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Banghim with #2 for the-noisy-kunoichi

“Really, I can’t believe you got us…” - send me a number for a sticky situation prompt (this prompt game is currently closed)


Yongguk let out a sigh, staring up at the ceiling as the light flickered in a dull, half light above him. The constant clicking was starting to drive him crazy.


There was no pause in the sound as Himchan repeatedly mashed his finger against the open button on the panel, as if hitting it exactly 500 times in row would magically make the doors slide open.


“Not now, Yongguk…”

“Himchan, please, hitting the buttons–”

“Won’t do anything. I know, you told me that, what, six times already?” Himchan snapped back, frowning as he glared at Yongguk, holding his gaze as he repeatedly hit the button.


“Seriously, you have to stop that!” Yongguk finally cried, reaching forward and snatching Himchan’s wrist away from the panel.

Himchan narrowed his eyes, “Why! At least I’m doing something…”

“Oh really? You’re doing somthing– Himchan, the only thing you are doing is driving me insane, seriously…”

“… I could try turning you on instead, I mean, I’ve never had sex in an elevator before–”

“Never mind, I take it back, the clicking isn’t that bad, keep pressing the button.” Yongguk said quickly, releasing Himchan’s wrist as he stepped away, a dark blush on his cheek.

Smirking, Himchan went back to the panel. “That’s what I thought…”