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For anon wondering about B.A.P they haven't disbanded yet, TS keeps holding back the court dates trying to find "evidence" TS is trying very hard to pull this out but if your a active with them on social platforms it really seems like they want to pursue with music especially Daehyun and Youngguk, Daehyuns held many fan concerts and a live stream and Youngguks produced a single that was very heartfelt. They've even met up a few times.


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Zelo may seem like the badass time but while he hears your moaning he’s like “umm…..Jagi….are you done…your done right…no……okay” *AWKWARD*


“You want to play that game, well Jagiya be scared I’m coming for you. YOU>WONT>BE>BE>ABLE>TO>WALK”

bang yong guk

This man will make your moaning into music to his hears.

“Jagiiiiiiii ahhhh I like it, you want me to make you moan?”


“Jagi what is this??”




“Jagi your so naughty….ahah but i like it!”

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BAP Reaction: When you know 5 languages fluently


Yongguk: *he absolutely mesmerized when you talk to him in all 5 languages. even though he doesn’t know what your saying, its just sounds so beautiful coming out of your mouth*

Himchan: *You were casually naming off food that you needed from the groceries and while doing so you didn’t realize that your started switching languages in between*

“okay….okay….??????? the heck? why are you babbling?”

  Daehyun: “you did not self-learn all those languages! No Way!” *in disbelief*

Youngjae: *you were talking in really fast in French just to tease him and asked if he got all that*

“um….yep totally” *he got none of what you just said*

Jongup: “wait you’re not cursing me out are you?”

Zelo: *after finding this out he works hard to learn them so he can do something special for but it’s hard*

“goodness how did she learn all these languages this is impossible”


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Bai For Now

B.A.P   Reaction!

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  “ OMG you are back!!! x3 jajaja ok no :P the reaction of bts are new? wooo so cool xD ok can you do a reaction of BTS, B.A.P and Block B When you (gf) are an idol and collapse in the stage and there are in the backstage, and another one when she wake up please, i really love you reaction,im only wait when you open the box xD”

thank you so much sweetie !!! here you go :)

Yongguk: *gets scared when he realises what happened*

when you wake up

*is right by your side-slowly asking questions to make sure you’re ok*


when you wake up

*scolds you-in a soft tone- for not taking care of yourself*

Daehyun: *stays by your side until you wake up*

when you wake up

* whispers soothing and comforting words*

Youngjae: *he doesn’t realise what happened until you are carried out of stage*

when you wake up

“Oh you are awake!Thank god!You scared me so much jagi…” 

Jongup: *upset because he didn’t realised that you weren’t feeling well*

when you wake up

*tells you not to move while he makes a vitamin drink for you*

Zelo: *starts asking questions about how this happened*

when you wake up

“What?!No!I wasn’t crying!What are you talking about?!” *sniffles*

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Have b.a.p disbanded or nah? they taking a long ass time to sort out this law suit I'm starting to wonder how long they will hold out and whether or not they will split. A lot of the groups that were popular are starting to fade real quick

Not officially no. I really hope they’re able to do a block b or shinhwa and take their group name and go to a different company :/ 

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