Kurt and Blaine, engaged, live in the Bushwick loft with Rachel (Santana having moved in with a long-time girlfriend). Kurt starts to think about their wedding – how can they, being college students, pay for a wedding?

rating/word count: R/7.3k

a/n: angst! a thank you to joanna and andrea and megan who each played some part in me deciding to do this

*canon up to as far as we know of spoilers from 5x01* -ao3-

It’s a recently-married coworker named Bryce that gets him thinking about it.

“It was amazing,” he tells Kurt with unbridled joy. He sobers by a few degrees a moment later. “We’re kind of broke now, though. It’ll take a while to pay everything off in full, you know?”

Kurt nods and only half-listens to Bryce for the rest of their break time. They haven’t planned their wedding yet – what with Blaine needing to graduate first and, later, both of them wanting to live together for some time before making any concrete decisions, it had seemed unnecessary to even pick a date. It’s not Kurt’s first instinct, of course, to simply not plan his own wedding as soon as possible, but he agrees that it’s more sensible to wait.

Except now he’s worried, and it’s all because weddings are expensive.

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imagine Kurt and Blaine working at Disneyland and they play Prince Philip and Prince Eric respectively and they’re dating and then one day Blaine proposes to Kurt while they’re still in their costumes in front of the castle and it’s romantic and epic and the little kids talk about the two princes that got married at the castle because they don’t understand that it’s just an engagement and a little boy asks Kurt if he’s going to go to the castle by the sea to live with prince eric and i just need to sit down and breathe


Soo Shooting Star, good god I don’t even know where to begin.Well first of all it was by far one of the best episodes ever.I cried my eyes out like I was sobbing the entire time.Everyone did an amazing job.

Ryder: I kinda felt sorry for him.I mean he was clearly very upset.I think the person who is catfishing him is either Unique or Jake, though Jake is a higher possibility.I think Blake is a really good actor and he was good in this episode.

Sue:Oh my.Sue does have a huge heart.She took all the blame in spite of her career and achievements.She really does care about Becky.This part was really sad.

Becky:I just started crying when she started crying.She was so cute and innocent and it was clear she didn’t mean anything she did.Her scene with Brittany was super sweet and I hope she’ll be okay.

Blina:Blaine was completely traumatized during the shooting.While everyone was busy with something;filming a video,saying sorry,trying to get out etc he was there all by himself trying to hold it in.It was truly an amazing performance from Darren.As for Tina,Jenna really gave a performance that I wouldn’t expect.She was better than usual and I thought Blina scenes were cute.

Kitty:We saw a whole new face of Kitty and it was amazing.Becca was absolutely great.Her performance was awesome and she seemed really vulnerable.

Bram:Oh my babies.I was crying the whole time.Where do I begin.Sam…Sam oh my sweet angel.How he risked his life not once but twice to find Brittany killed me.He was more worried about her safety and her life than his own.He knew she was in the bathroom and he knew she was probably hiding but he also knew she was alone and that killed him.What moved me was that he didn’t give up.He tried to get out but it didn’t work.The second though,I completely lost it.He was so determined to find her that at the end Will and Shannon had to go physical.He resisted but he ended up crying.He was clearly upset and very worried about her.It was clear that moment that he truly loved Brittany.Chord’s performance was so touching, I swear best acting performance.As for Heather that bathroom scene had me sobbing.She was so realistic.I just couldn’t.But the moment when they were reunited,the moment when they hugged I drowned in my feels.It was so sincere,I just love them so much.Apart from that their kiss and I love you’s, I just died there.After this episode nobody can deny the fact that Sam really,truly loves Brittany and it’s mutual.



ps yes that is ems in the 3rd gif

pps i was going to make you anderford but i didn’t know what to do so i’m sorry this should be enough

ppps i mean come on it has ems in it that’s pretty fucking awesome