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Spencer reid dating plus size reader Head cannons part 2

AN: Hey guys, so you guys loved the first set of these, and I can make Spencer Reid head cannons for years, so these are the second round, I love you all, and you are all beautiful, skinny, plus size, tall, short, if you have natural hair or permed, straight hair or curly hair, dark skin or pale skin, you guys are perfection and Spencer Reid would look at you and just fall in love. 

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-Smile. Oh my god Spencer loves your smile, like he loves how when you really smile, like full face smile, like he loves seeing it go to your eyes, and how when you fully smile you look like the most precious, beautiful art piece, he just finds himself staring at you in awe at how someone so beautiful, so truly amazing, hides her smile.

-He loves your laugh, like if he can make you fully laugh to the point of snorting, *we all do it, don’t lie about that one time you laughed so hard you snorted* he feels as if he just saved sick kids holding even sicker puppies from a burning building. like he loves seeing you laugh. Like if that was all he could listen to, he’d be so happy.

-He loves to watch you do your makeup, simply because he loves to see the process and he finds it true magic, that you can go from beautiful to even more beautiful, like just sits behind you and his face is just in wonderment like ‘How…did…wow’ 

-He loves to like surprise kiss you, like he’s not one for PDA but he at random point while you guys are walking around and just stops and pulls you in and kisses you because he just really needs to make sure you are real. 

-He hates seeing you sad because of clothe shopping, being a profiler he can always tell when you are upset, even if you try to hide it, he just takes your hand and squeezes it to let you know he’s there, because he knows its been a life time of these feelings and him simply saying the opposite won’t fix it instantly. 

-He takes no shit from people, like if you guys are out eating, and the waitress/waiter decides to just be the biggest of cunts like “so the check or…are you and your sister getting dessert?” and not just that they said sister, but also the tone of voice when speaking drives him to go full like angry Reid.

-Super hot to you though, also makes you blush at how he calls you beautiful and funny and far more attractive because you don’t make assumptions or judgments based of the soul outer body of a person. 

-He buys you sexy bedroom clothes, like things he knows you would never buy because of how much it shows off. 

-He has such a kink for seeing you in a plaid shirt and white burrow down. Like calling him professor/Dr. Reid…lets just say you’re real happy you let him talk you into wearing his little gift. 

-He is a sucker for cute couple type things, like matching Christmas sweaters to Rossi’s holiday party. 

-When JJ gets married he is in awe at how beautiful you look all dressed up, like thats when he knows, ‘yep i’ma marry her…’

-When he finds you criticizing yourself in the mirror he will stand behind you and trace his fingers over every part of you, and tell you facts about ancient times and how a woman of your beauty would have men battling in the street for your hand in courtship, or how the goddess of beauty and love herself has hips and curves. How the stretch marks are simply your warrior battle paint. 

-He sends you messages every day of little things, just ‘you are beautiful, in every way’ ‘man sure you remember to eat,’ ‘people’s words are nothing but anger that their soul is ugly and yours is perfect’ 

-He likes to have underwear dance parties on weekends he has off, just music on, both of you dancing in undies, like he doesn’t dance in clubs but he can move his hips, let me tell you. 

-He likes to keep his hands on your hips, like anywhere just his arm around you hand on your hip, to keep you close to him

-He will grab your butt to make you yelp and blush.

-Is a butt and boob guy. but what he loves the most…out of all of you. THIGHS! 

-He loves to kiss them, touch them, see them in jeans, leggings, shorts. 

-Thigh high socks are his weakness, like you just sitting on the couch reading, in shorts and a sweater and thigh highs, he just drops everything and pulls you off the couch and well you don’t leave the bedroom for a bit. 

-King of oral. Just….yes

-He gets off making you get off.

-Loves to kiss and bite down your body, 

-Has memorized every curve and dip of you, like he knows every freckle and scar, every dip and curve, everything on you. 

-Loves you, and every inch of it. 

-He brags about you, a lot….like…wow…like he has beat Morgan for how much he brags about you.

-Will leave marks on you so people know, you’re taken. 

-if a mark shows up on him, if someone see’s okay, he’s not ashamed to have it. 

-Likes to read to you, like your head in his lap, reading to you in a soft calm voice. 

-He will kill anyone who hurts you, or tries to take you from him. 


Welcome to my MGG drabble thing that popped in my head after my shower.

“Whoops sorry!” Y/n said as she accidentally bumped into someone’s shoulder while passing. New York city was always bustling full of people but it seemed like the worst crowds came out in the summer. Because it wasn’t enough to be hot, sweaty, and miserable on your own, but you had to do it in a giant crowd of others trying to push past one another to get nowhere fast.

“Watch where you’re going fat-ass!”

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Red Carpet Do-Over

Any way you’d write an MGG X Plus size model reader one shot on the red carpet?? I cannot get enough of your stories!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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“My friggin…boobs keep falling down,” you huff as you reach in and hoist your chest back up into the cups of the dress that weren’t doing you any favors.

“You should’ve told the designer to line it with wire,” Matthew muses as he adjusts his bow-tie.

“I thought this dress had a corset bodice!” you yelp as you groan in the mirror, “then my boobs would’ve been fine!”

“You’re gonna look spectacular either way…” Matthew lulls off as he throws his jacket over his shoulders.

“You’re not even looking…” you murmur to yourself.

And as you huffed into your room and shut the door behind you, Matthew sighed heavily to himself as his eyes looked over at the microwave clock.

Thirty minutes.

You had thirty minutes to put yourself together.

Maybe this was a bad idea after all…

You had insisted that you would take a cab and meet Matthew there.

“Y/N, you can’t just take a cab.  I’ve got a limo right here!” he had shouted.

“Just do it!” you had roared.

It was no secret that Matthew enjoyed a curvier woman.  But you borderlined on the curvy that people saw as unhealthy.  You praised women like Ashley Graham that were able to come out and embrace their curves while flicking off haters and eating potato chips.

The key was to look fabulous while doing it.

And saggy boobs didn’t do it.

You had locked yourself in the room, tossing the original dress in the corner as you walked into your closet and began rifling through your old dresses.

And suddenly, you found it.

Granted, it was a bit tight, but the basic corset still hooked, and it would support your breasts the way they needed to be without showing the under-wiring through the tightness of the fit through your waist.

Time to go shock the world.

As Matthew cranes his neck, standing on the curb as he watches every car pull up to see if you are in it, he finally sees a basic yellow cab pull up on the other side of the street as he smiles and shakes his head.

You had actually managed to get a cab.

But when you stepped out of the car, his jaw began rubbing the concrete beneath his feet.

Your hair, piled high on your head as pearl earrings dangled from your ears and framed your jawline, accentuated the way your bust was shoved up and stabilized, tapering to a waist that made his knees clack with want as the fabric draped and graced around your hips that sashayed the fabric left and right.

And the beautiful royal blue color only served to accentuate the lovable pout of your lips and the seductive fluttering of your Y/C/E eyes.

You looked absolutely ravishing.

And Matthew couldn’t peel his eyes away from you.

“Hey handsome,” you muse lowly, running your finger along the collar of his coat as his eyes gaze down at your prominent bosom.

He wished he could plant his lips between the crack of your bouncing breasts.

“Later,” you whisper, fluttering your eyes up towards him as you smirk.

You always could read his mind.

“You look-”

Swallowing hard as he shoves his trembling hands into his pants pockets, your smirk turns to a broad smile as you nuzzle your nose with his.

“Ready, hot stuff?” you muse lightly.

“To show you off?” he asks as he rips his hand from his pocket and threads it around your waist, pulling you closer as he kisses the tip of your nose.