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It looks like some other magical girl confession blogs are following MGC's block policy, down to the vague standards of what constitutes harassment and being mean to mods. MG Fan Problems said something like how they'll even contact users directly to let them know that they're on the Big Block List. Sooooo much power tripping.

To be fair, MGFP blocking policy looks considerably less draconian than MGC’s one, Ayu is around the Robespierre level sending everyone to the guillotine who doesn’t agree with her, the MGFP mod seems a lot more reasonable, but it still leaves a very vague rulling that can be open to some abuses, but honestly, I think the mods at MGFP are FAR more professional than Ayu and her chums so I trust they’ll enforce this policy well.

But still, I don’t object to the idea of having blocking policies because there are people in here that do need some control because they’re just awful human beings, but adding attacks to the mods as part of offenses is just….wrong, like sure it feels awful when they go after you, but that’s part of the job, you can’t avoid being criticized for your duties, someone will eventually disagree with you no matter how hard you try and you have to learn to just….shurg it off and carry on.

But if you make things like this, you’re just telling them “Yes, I care about your opinion” and that won’t make them stop, it’ll encourage them to go after you EVEN more.

If they can’t handle the preasure of being mods, why don’t they just quit and give it to someone who can handle all the rought rides and can have an objective mindset (Or someone who doesn’t have an issue with people using japanese nicknames like Ayu has, sorry but that’s just stupid and there is no way you can provide a valid defense for doing it).

So yeah, leaders will ALWAYS be target of criticism, that’s part of the package, if you’re not up to that, step down and let someone else who is do it.

Those are my thoughts on it.

Sailor Pluto!

I’m not really sure how I feel about this one.  Pluto has always seemed like a serious character to me, so I wanted her pose to reflect that.  But when I compare it to the others, I’m not sure it’s really good enough.  I’ll have to sleep on it.  I might end up redoing this one.