just imagine you guys stopping at some city for a couple days for a concert and interviews and a soon as you and Mikey got off the bus, you guys made your way to the closest store to get some hair dye because Mikey was whining about changing his hair colour again cause he was getting sick and tired of red. You forgot to grab some plastic gloves and considering the box didn’t come with gloves you were left to improvise. You pushed Mikey into the bathroom to get the hair dye ready as you searched for something to use, you eventually decided to use mini plastic bags which wasn’t exactly helpful but it would make do. After an hour or so of re-colouring his hair and a bunch of swearing, which you were sure Ashton had recorded or something, considering all you heard outside the door was his giggles.

You walked out of the bathroom, laughing as Mikey cussed you out from behind you. The rest of the guys looked up from their phones, wondering what Mikey was complaining about now.

"Whenever I dye your hair it doesn’t get everywhere. Like really, look at my neck! Your hands are blue." He said, gesturing to the back of his neck where there was blue dye. You glanced down at your hands, that were now blue.

"Okay you can’t completely blame this on me, you were the one who kept moving and I warned you. Besides, you also forgot to tell me to get some gloves, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened." You said, turning around to face him, showing your now blue hands "And I’m usually good on colouring your hair too, so this was just a one time thing.. I hope anyways.."

"Nope, I’m not letting you touch my hair for awhile now, not after this." He huffed, turning around and walking away, making his way towards the kitchen, you following.

"Hey, Mikey, c’mon. You can’t just ignore me, it was an accident, I mean it." You whined, running a hand through your own blue hair.

"Nope, I’m mad at you." He mumbled and you pouted, continuing to pester him, waiting for him to slip up. You weren’t aware of Ashton recording your guys’ little feud until Luke showed you an hour later, when you were trying to scrub the dye off of your boyfriends neck

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