morning glories challenge ⟶ 1/3 glories {zoe}

‘but i never get why you think that should happen because you noticed that the prettiest, smartest girl in your class is in fact the prettiest, smartest girl in your class? good job you, that doesn’t tell me why she should care. girls don’t just want to be adored you know. they want to be adored by the ones they adore.


morning glories challenge ⟶ 1/5 scenes {hunter’s dream}

-it reminded me of someone else. i mean someone else's dream.
-well philip k dick said that when he was a kid, he had this recurring one, where he was in a bookstore, going through this big stack of sci-fi magazines-he was looking for this particular story. it was called 'the empire never ended'. he thought it would tell him all the secrets of the universe. so he kept having this dream and every time the stacks got smaller and smaller...
-but he never found it.