The Go-Getter, 2007

Starring: Lou Taylor Pucci | Zooey Deschanel | Jena Malone

As expected, another deep movie expressed through shallow situations of life. It tells a good story, full of words but definitely not boring. Nice shots executed without failure of angles. The color also sets the mood. Wise editing. But the thing I loved the most is the film’s music scoring and the soundtracks.

This is one of the movies that taught me about self-discovery, not losing hope, and leaving fears behind me as I face life. It will make you realize that our mistakes will lead us to betterment and find ourselves driving to the right path. That at some point in our lives, we need to be alone to find who we really are. But still at the end of the day, we need someone to understand and accept everything about us.

So far, this is the American Independent film that I consider my favorite.


Gia, 1998

Starring: Angelina Jolie | Faye Dunaway | Elizabeth Mitchell

This HBO movie for TV is so bold to express a person’s biography without anything held back. Successful efforts were done in this film that it showed great sequencing and changes of character’s inner and outer selves.

This film is just brave. That is what I can say after I watched it. It just teaches us that people do a lot of messing up because they are drowning in too much loneliness. That people tend to fuck up that leads to depression because they are alone and they’ve been hurt many times. That judging a person would be such an injustice because you never really know what is the roots of such loneliness that filled their system. In that case, I do really understood Gia Carangi and the life she lived through.

I don’t know but this film made me really sad.


This was my first ever field trip in Bulacan State University.

A day of July 2010. With my first ever college friends. I kinda miss that life: 2010. When I was still young. I can’t believe that in just over a year, my life has changed so much.

I’m not like before. I’m so free now. I kinda like it. But I think I love who I once WAS.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2012. I’ll be having my field trip again. This time. I know that I’m so different from the last time I’ve done that.


This girl rocks my heart.

Ever since Pinoy Dream Academy, I became an instant fan of this singer-songwriter. And it’s rare because I don’t usually like our OPM industry right now. And there are very few OPM artist I like these days (unlike when I was a kid). Well, Yeng Constantino is really one to be proud of when it comes to Filipino music.

Her music of course is really good. She has this ability to use simple words, yet so striking to the heart. Words that you often hear everyday but still when she sings it, there is that shot straight to the heart.

The melody is great. I really idolize her in composing songs and its melody. She is really good at it. Like I said, there’s a striking effect that when you hear her music, it is really heart-felt. Plus the fact that her voice is one hell of a talent. Excellent and moving.

It’s good to have someone like Yeng Constantino in our music industry right now. Because OPM is not that great as before but she is one of those who really effortlessly achieves the survival of it.

For Yeng: Continue pouring your emotions to the beat of your music to change our today’s music and to inspire little lives like mine.

An artist like her is one good example that we must be still proud of our country’s music.

“Tama na. Pagod na ako.”

Itigil na natin ‘to. Hirap na hirap na ako e. Ito na yung punto na kailangan na tayong bumitaw. Ayoko nang masaktan pa ulit e. Sawa na ako sa paulit-ulit na nangyayari. Napapagod na rin siguro yung puso ko. Tama na. Ang sakit na. Ipapahinga ko muna yung sarili ko. Masyado na siyang pagod sa pagmamahal sayo.

“Pero kaya pa eh.”

Ano ka ba, huwag nating isuko 'to. Kaya pa nating i-work out 'to e. Huwag mo namang pabayaang mawala 'tong meron tayo. Gagawin ko lahat para tumagal pa tayo. Kaya ko pa e. Alam kong kaya mo rin. Please, bigyan mo pa ako ng isa pang pagkakataon.

“Pipilitin pa ba natin 'to?”

Hindi na. Ayoko na. Hindi ka ba napapagod? Paulit-ulit na lang ang nagyayari. Hindi ka pa ba nagsasawa sa ganito? Puro sakit na lang e. Huwag na nating pagdiinan ang isang relasyon na matagal nang patay. Huwag ka nang humingi ng pagkakataon. Huwag na nating ipagpatuloy 'to. Alam na rin naman natin ang mangyayari at mangyayari sa huli.


It’s funny how this moment of my life, I am becoming more independent.

My Dad’s in the hospital and my Mom’s with him for the past 2 days. I am all alone in our house with my sister. Just us. I know in myself that I am already independent ever since then. My parents believed that too because they were the ones who taught me how to be. And for the past two days of my life, I have become more independent. Especially now that I serve as my sister’s father and mother. I have to accomplish every task at home. I have to make sure everything is in order. All because we don’t have our parents at home to guide us. And I believe I am doing a good job so far.

That’s the good thing about being independent. You are not depending on other people. You can stand on your own. You can manage yourself alone. And only few help is what you needed. I became so proud of myself for the past two days. Cause I know that I am independent enough to handle things on my own. And the best thing is, I became more responsible in everything that I do.

I am independent and I am proud of it. Cheers!


We fell in love at the most crucial stage of our lives.

For a moment we were happy. Until we realized all this fun is not enough. We still search for something. Something deeper. Something that will last forever. And not just what we have right now is important. Something more. That physical pleasure can’t give.

Cause we’ve been living in that hopeless place we thought, LOVE.


Now Is Good, 2012

Starring: Dakota Fanning | Jeremy Irvin

Another great story that talks about true love, life, family, and really becoming a cliche: Cancer. But I really loved it, I am really so much into the idea of death and dying incorporated in films and novels. I love how a cliche story is twisted in a good way that it captures my heart. The lines were good it would really move you, and the scenes are just amazing - from shots to the actor’s acting prowess, to the music that sets good mood to the viewers.

This movie taught me that no matter how impossible things may be, be brave. Be just brave. Because real happiness can be found if we let go of our fears. And for love, it will come, we don’t have to find it. And ask for death, there are really inevitable things that we can’t change. Acceptance.

This film is somewhat cliche, but it is a worth-watch.


Waiting For Forever, 2010

Starring: Tom Sturridge | Rachel Bilson

Well, this is my new found love movie.

It looks so shallow on the surface but I am telling you that its depth is deeper than a well. Not too complicated yet it talks about how people could hide themselves into this fear but fight it because of love. It is just magical. I don’t know but I have this love for films with this kind of issues about mind, way of thinking, and finding true happiness.

This movie touched the inner me and made me realized that life is full of waiting. It might take forever but what’s important is the journey to the thing we are waiting, especially for the right time. That love is always present even in the darkest hours. That it is okay to be different if that is who you really are and if that is how you show your love. I love Will Donner’s character. I love the technicality, storyline, music, feel, and everything about this film.

It is just amazing.


Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, 2008

Starring: Micheal Cera | Kat Dennings

I just  do not know how to say something about this film. All I know is that it’s fun and I kinda want to experience a night like that. That sometimes the most unexpected ride of your life will lead you into something special. Even if everything isn’t really planned, at the end of the day you will just be sure about it. That you could turn something fun into something worth it.

I love the fact that the movie’s message focuses on “searching” and “being found.” That we keep on finding a lot of things about our lives and how to live it to the fullest but we often forget that the “ride” is more important that reaching our destination. I’m kinda late but this is a nice nice film.

There are relationships that are meant to be cute.

I don’t know but it is just very rare to see couples without the effort but look so cute together. Doing cute stuffs. Being sweet and cute at the same time. They are the ones to be envy for. Because you can really see sincerity. Cuteness as a form of being light. Not too serious but then not very shallow. Cuteness. Balance.