citrine is so amazing because like…just hearing a woman sing about being attracted to other women and loving women so naturally is so important i’m emotional??? the songs are so catchy and GOOD and the lyrics are perfect and they’re making me feel so valid as a wlw i just love hayley kiyoko with my entire gay self

  • WASHINGTON:So basically, we're completely swamped. All hands on deck.
  • JAY:I don't even work in this building.
  • WASHINGTON:Don't care. I need anyone with a pulse and a brain to pitch in.
  • [Burr sticks his head in the door]
  • BURR:Sir, do you need help with anything?
  • WASHINGTON:No. We're good. Thanks. In fact, you can head home early.

opinion: the hockey bros didn’t bet on when bitty and jack would reveal their relationship, they bet on when bitty would reveal who his boyfriend was. they didn’t congratulate bitty and jack because they’re the kinds of people who issue congratulations in a very dramatic, loud, and informal way, which would be inappropriate for their location.


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

  1. Aw Nate, he’s so fucking sweet. Really hoping he’s not the dead body. Poor Nate just wants some love.
  2. Damn Frank. Back at it with the murders again.
  3. Yes. Yes, it’s weird. Wes, please don’t live with Annalise. Eww. Did they just forget that Wes shot her with intentions to kill not that long ago??
  4. Hey–all the cool kids hang on the quad.
  5. Damn Bonnie, rockin’ them heels.
  6. Hm, Frank being smart. I like this. 
  7. Aww Coliver being so domestic and cute. They’re handling this so well, Connor especially… Kinda wanted some awkward angst though…
  9. Oliver dear you are so awkward. The students are not impressed lol. Connor was me–such second hand embarrassment.
  11. Nate loves her so much T___T
  12. Frank went to prison? How old was he, 12? lol
  13. Whoa Wes what are you gonna put in her mouth ;)
  14. Come on Connor, kick some ass babe. Ahaha they ‘seem’ sweet. Bring back my snarky Connor yessssss. WHY DON’T YOU CHECK–MY SWEETHEART YOU’RE SHINING. 
  15. MY CONNOR IS BAAAAAAAAAAAACK. I’VE WAITED SO LONG FOR THISSSSSSSSS. My Connor’s gonna win this unwinnable case and the others can fucking SUCK IT.
  16. Yeaaah Michaela, get your meat stick. Don’t compromise girl.
  17. I’m glad Wes is finally happy. Seems like Laurel is the new Wes lol.
  18. Lmao I half thought Oliver would be behind that door O_O
  19. Okay, this has got to be one of my favorite cases on this show. This woman is amazing.
  20. Oh Oliver. I can’t even. I can’t stop picturing it. 
  21. Oh shit Annalise–she’s gonna fuck shit up.
  22. It’s only the second ep but this season feels 10x better than the last.
  23. That Coliver scene though T___T Connor still pandering to Ollie. At least Oliver is standing his ground. Really glad Connor’s moving out.
  24. Bonnie’s a fucking shark.
  25. I’m calling it now. The body’s either Nate or Frank.
  26. Connor showing up at Michaela’s door I love it–OH SHIIIIIIIT MICOSHER THREESOME ANYONE??????
  27. Lol of course the first safe person is Oliver. Who didn’t see that coming lmaoooooo.