“Naruto… Hinata-sama is willing to die for you. So… You hold more… than one… life in your hands. And it seems… that my life too… may have been… one of them." 


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1/1 I've loved the Olicity progress ep 19-22 but must admit that I was a little bit disappointed in the soft romantic reunion (I know I am in the minority) - perhaps it was all the hype (including ring spec). So, did they just agree to date? Does that mean that they are going to casually date over hiatus (assuming no cliffhanger issues). Felicity has flung the door open but O seems kind of low-key considering he is getting back together w/ the love of his life after an 18 mos separation, ctd.

2/2 Do you think O is just trying to follow F’s lead and not scare her off? I know that MG said to watch ep 23 but we know that the focus will be on action and O’s son, which I get. Still hoping for a romantic kiss or something - seemed like ep 22 was a missed opportunity. Does a soft and prolonged reunion make sense to you after all Olicity has been through? Thanks!


My advice is just go with the flow, Nonnie, and try not to have too much expectations of what the reunion should look like. They committed a lot of screen time to fixing Olicity - that was the prolonged reunion you were looking for - the actual technical reunion was inevitably going to be fairly perfunctory. Not to say we might not get a kiss or another conversation later on, but this is why I was banging on so much about appreciating what got us to that point of having that conversation. That was the real reunion. The actual verbalisation of the reunion is just one last note in what has been a symphony. 

Olicity will never casually date. They’re trying to take it slow because they’ve both been so hurt, but it will be exclusive and intense. Oliver reacted exactly how I expected him to with the reunion. All the highly intense stuff was getting them to this point. I don’t trust intense reunions, and I can cite 323 as a good example of how they usually don’t work out well. 323 was all emotion about the reunion and working out exactly nothing between them. This 5B stuff has been all high emotion about working out their issues, that means their reunion is a lot more low key and I think that works so much better. It’s more realistic and means they have a much better chance of lasting. They’re not blinded by love, their love is letting them see each other properly for the first time. Better and much healthier. 

Let them play out 523 and then see how you feel, Nonnie. If you’re still unhappy, then there is always fanfic to fill in any blanks you feel are still missing. :D

221B still intact at the beginning of ep. 4.3

Sherlock is sitting in his chair in the living room of 221B. And the slate says scene 8-16. So the potential explosion of 221B is at least not the opening scene of ep. 4.3.

So it seems the episode starts in London. Sherlock’s hair looks shorter to me. Maybe it’s to show that he’s fully recovered from whatever happened to him in ep. 4.2. (Look, he’s fine, he shaved and even got a hair cut –> parallel to the beginning of TEH and the end of his undercover work).

The explosion could happen after these first approx. 10 minutes of the episode which makes them take off to the country side. Or they go there for a case and the explosion happens, when they return. (which could be the cliffhanger for the series).