14 feminist TV characters we need now more than ever

  • As the United States goes beyond the first days of Donald Trump’s presidency, one where legislative attacks on abortion clinics and women’s reproductive rights have become the norm, it seems we need our favorite TV feminists now more than ever before.
  • Whether it’s being inspired by their impressive career achievements or admiring the way these characters bounce back from hardships, these powerful women can teach us a lot about self-confidence and self-growth. And, most importantly, these incredible women can teach us how to be a badass woman in a world that is seemingly determined to keep us down.
  • These women are shutting down the patriarchy, one episode at a time. Read more. (4/7/17, 8:57 AM)

Another Olivia Pope piece I did in college. It’s pretty obvious I love Scandal, isn’t it? @scandalabc @scandalmoments