Squares and pages, a sequence of images, et cetera.
A repurposed animation initially intended as a 15s commercial piece.


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I know I haven’t uploaded in a while, so I have no right to post this, but here goes anyway. 

I went to the NBC Store in NYC a few years ago, and I was FLOORED by the lack of Office merchandise. I mean, you have the best sitcom of ALL TIME, and you’re not even going to sell anything besides Dwight bobbleheads and Fun Run T-shirts? What the heck?

So I sell Office stickers, mugs, shirts, pillows, posters, phone cases, AND MORE on Redbubble. There are legitimately talented people on Tumblr and Redbubble making real art, and here I am, just photoshopping screencaps. But if you’re a big fan of The Office and want a Michael Scott sticker for your laptop, it would be awesome if you could check me out; Redbubble sales are helping me pay off student loans. 

My link is here if you’re interested - if you buy from me, you won’t be an ignorant slut :) 

The Project (Redux)

“One more or you won’t get the promotion.”

It was late at night, and Darren was working overtime. Sort of.

The obese man was being stuffed mercilessly by his boss. He hazily looked at George standing above him. He licked crumbs lazily from his goatee as his fat boss held the last donut of the two boxes, an enormous and delicious chocolate eclair, cream oozing from the sides.

George was tall, an inch over Darren making him about 6'3". His gut protruded about a foot in front of him and his love handles made him look like a barrel on toothpicks. One of his weathered hands was holding the donut while he slicked back his white hair with the other. He looked like a tall Santa Claus with blue eyes, and a straining white shirt and red tie to boot. His glasses adorned his fully bearded face.

Darren had previously been stuffed full of Little Debbie’s danishes, at least five boxes of them (each box held at least eight enormous danishes), fifteen individual fruit pies, a dozen boxes of snowballs, and an entire Bundt cake. To say he was going through a sugar rush was an understatement.

Darren wanted that promotion. He couldn’t protest as he was hog tied to his office chair, his feet pulled underneath and tied together, his wrists bound behind the back and connected to his ankles. His enormous gut was gurgling in protest of all that sugary food as he opened his mouth, ready for the final donut.

“Good piggy,” George cooed in his deep, bass voice as he put the eclair in Darren’s mouth. Darren moaned in pleasure as his cheeks were completely filled with delicious donut. As he slowly chewed, the chair was lowered as low as possible and tilted back until the back of the chair leaned against his desk. George swung his leg up and over and sat on his chest, causing Darren to breathe out heavily, gasping.

George’s belly truly strained against his white shirt. He unzipped his pants and inserted his big, hard cock in Darren’s donut filled mouth. Cream squirted and squished around his dick as Darren began to suck.

“Mmmm, that’s my good hog. Fuck yeah, you do well tonight and that promotion is almost as sure as yours.”

Darren continued to suck, George grabbing his head and pulling him closer. Eclair continued to squish around his member as he moaned, crumbs and cream now on his goatee as George’s dick displaced the food. He wrapped his lips around and drew on it’s length, burying his face into his soft belly and warm pants.

“Aaaahhh yeeeaahhhh!!” George groaned as he bucked, causing Darren to get a mouthful of cum. He sat there for a second with his mouth around George’s surging dick, waiting for him to be done.

“Thats my good little piggy.” George slid down and sat on Darren’s belly, trailing his still oozing cock on his enormous moob and trailing his last bits of cum on his orange shirt. The chair still tilted back and causing him to feel all of George on his full stomach.

“You’ll be on the way to management yet,” he said, grabbing a handful of belly before he put his furry mouth to Darrens, kissing his mouth full of donut and cum. He pulled back and licked his lips before Darren swallowed the mixture.

His fat boss then pulled out an enormous tub of ice cream, a spoon, and a vibrator. “Open wide and I’ll get you a raise as well.”

Darren opened his mouth as George eased the vibrator in him, getting rock hard as George began to stroke him off and feed him ice cream. He was so full he felt like he was gonna pop. George just kept spoon feeding him as his cock grew hard again on Darren’s belly. Darren’s own cock strained in agonizing pleasure against George’s cock. Every time George leaned in to feed his fat pig, he would rub against Darren’s dick. The orange ball of lard shook in pleasure.

“Halfway there.” George put the ice cream down. He pulled up a box of Ensure protein shakes. There were a total of twenty-four of them. “If you can drink all of these my little pig, I’ll give you a $20,000 a year raise.”

Darren just stared blankly at his boss. He nodded his head as George opened the box, cracking open the first one. He leaned against Darren as he put the bottle to his lips. Darren slowly drank the first one. When he was finished, George kissed him, putting them beard to beard and fogging up their glasses. Darren grew rock hard and was ready for more. George pulled away and gave him the next one.

In minutes he downed the entire box of twenty-four shakes. George picked the ice cream back up and kept spoon feeding him. The vibrator kept buzzing away at his ass as George ran the spoon on his dick, rubbing in circles before he gave him another bite of ice cream.

In no time the ice cream was done. George leaned forward, pressing his large belly into Darren’s. Darren’s shirt buttons strained, enormous gaps showing his hairy belly. The young man moaned as George played with his dick. He grabbed tight began to jerk him off, causing him to strain against the ropes. George placed his cock on Darren’s as he jerked, then stroked himself off. In moments, both of their cum flew out and onto their shirts, wet spots showing their true lust.

The vibrator kept going and going as they sat there, the fat, bearded, bespectacled men with their tongues entwined as George grabbed and played with his young employees enormous belly.

i got my workspace all sorted! i’ve felt for a really long time like my space wasn’t a reflection of who I am and today I was like IT ENDS. i work from home full time and i felt like i was going nuts not having a space that matched who i am. so, this is it. still needs more gallery for the gallery wall and I eventually want that poster framed but for now, it will do. 


I’m sitting in the office at work after spending much of the morning writing documents. The temperature has been steadily climbing throughout the morning - it’s currently hovering around 29 centigrade. It doesn’t help that I’m inbetween major projects, so can’t really get on with anything of substance that might make the day pass more quickly.

You might think an absence of work would lead to a deluge of blog posts, but the truth is that unless I have some damn fool escapade or other to write about, I end up navel gazing about nothing at all in very short order. I’m pretty good at writing about nothing though - as evidenced by 4000 blog posts stretching back to 2003 - I just don’t think people are that interested in mundane pontification.

I have another work trip coming next week - to the north of England once more - so can at least hope the train journey and hotel stay will conjure something worth recording. When I started travelling with work years ago, I envisaged a world where I would get to know hotel staff, and perhaps a few fellow travellers that I regularly cross paths with. Unfortunately that only happens in movies - you never see the same person twice, and invariably the people that inhabit hotel bars are exactly the kind of people you would rather avoid.