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Do you hear that distant screaming? Sounds like bloody murder? Yeah, that’s me. 

On another note, Jay’s voice is so fucking incredible. Like seriously. It’s soft and sexy while still being really strong and clear, plus his voice really suits this type of style. I just… His voice is just so…. Ughh….I have no words

cold turkey [ 1 / 3? ]

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  • where jay wants you but you make him quit women and sex for three months to consider his offer 
  • inspired by a little something from a tv show I’ve been watching

Every Friday night was your night. His night dedicated to dinner with you at your favorite restaurant to catch up and update each other on your lives.

No, you two weren’t together. You two were just on and off, on and off for long while till you reached a point where you didn’t want to be wishy washy on your relationship status. You wanted something long term, something stable and lasting but Jay’s lifestyle with all the late night partying and women was clearly not meshing with what you had in mind. Add in the fact that he was always cooped up at AOMG and Higher Music Records and in the studio and doing shows everywhere, there was almost never any time for you and him time.

Last time you were dating, it was small things that drove you two apart: the texts he sent you warning that he was coming home late stopped coming, you stopped making dinner for two and just packed a container for him, dates stopped happening all together, and silence and tapping against your phones would dominate your time together.  

Everytime you broke up and fell into your comfortable friendship, there would be one night to set your relationship on again, one kiss after dinner that would make the both of you rethink about breaking up and immediately get back together.

And then the whole cycle started over again.

This time, you both agreed to stop getting back into the ‘on’ phase of your on and off relationship, which happened to strengthen your relationship to each other without the pressure of having to always worry about one another nonstop.

Which was very surprising to you as you choked on your chocolate cake when Jay suggested that you two try your relationship again over dessert. You coughed up the cake and called for the check as Jay recounted the reasons why you two should get back together.

“Jay, no. We’ve tried time again and time again.” You walked out into the sidewalk outside the restaurant, shaking your head as Jay followed you.

“(Y/N), babygirl please.” He sped up his pace and stopped right in front of you, grabbing your hands in his. He stared right into your eyes, sincerity gracing his brown eyes, “I want to be with you.”

“I’m not your anything, Jay. Stop with the names.” You gently tugged your hands out of his and continued down the street. “We did this last year and that didn’t exactly work out.” A part of you did want to say yes to him, to jumpstart your relationship again and try to make it work, but what was the point if nothing changed?

“What’s it going to take, huh?” He asked, walking backwards to stay in front of you. His eyes stayed concentrated on you although you tried to avoid his gaze.

'Why is he still on this?’ you thought, shaking your head as you conjured up a reason, “I don’t know, quit the one night stands, the partying, the late nights, the countless women every other night, quit cold turkey.”

“Okay, I’ll do it.” He stated boldly. “I can do it. For one month, two, three months, I don’t care. I’ll do it.”

You stopped in your tracks, turning around to look him dead in the eyes, “You will willingly quit women and sex for three months? Just to make a point to me?”

“Yes, and it isn’t just to make 'a point’ or some lame ass bet, it’s because you’re worth it. You’re it for me, (Y/N) and if this is gonna give me a opportunity then I’ll do it.” His tone sounded genuine, almost too heartfelt for a moment till he added, “But if I’m not having sex, then neither are you.”

You nodded whilst rolling your eyes, “Okay. Deal.” He took your hand in his and shook your hand to solidify the deal. “And who do you think is gonna have sex with me anyways?”

“Any guy with a working pair of eyes.”

a/n: this is only part one of three or four? tell me what you think:) 

I had this dream of Jay Park. I know, why would I dream of him out of all of these k artists. Well let me tell you the dream, he had built a huge house with little tunnels and the door were middle finger signs. The weird part was that he didn’t have weiner dogs but pugs and he would get on his knees to play with them. It was so weird because it was some abstract house with secret doors that his dogs and he would travel through.