It’s Double-Take Tuesday! Every Tuesday we’ll share a pic of someone or something that breaks stereotypes and makes us look twice at our own biases.

Today, we give you Michael B. Jordan as Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station with his daughter from the movie – this awww-dorable pic can help you begin to de-bias when used as a screensaver (just sayin). 

It’s that time of the month again!

Here are my favourite 3 bikes that are up for November bike of the month on the Do The Ton Forum. There are 5 bikes up for nominations this month. Head over and place your vote.

External image

External image

It’s a pretty tough call this month although I think I have a favorite. Which bike are voting for?

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@billdip-week Day 6: Decorating The Tree 

“You could help you know!” Dipper huffed from across the room, standing on his tip-toes trying to get the star on the top of the tree. “Sorry, I don’t think i’m feeling well enough to get up right now” Bill cooed back at him through a mouthful of Doritos, adding a couple fake coughs to make it seem more convincing. Plus, I’d much rather be sat here enjoying the view he thought to himself.


Just got out of my new school and I come home to this lol, they’re back guys