If you're feeling anxious or upset

Imagine Cole’s voice soothing you, unwinding your pain until you calm, covering you in a blanket and pushing warm honeyed wine toward you

Solas staying up late to speak endlessly about his adventures in dreams, and when your eyes finally close, he follows and keeps away nightmares

Blackwall wordlessly sitting next to you, waiting for you to say anything to him, close enough but never invading your space until you need it

Cassandra cracking a rare smile when she sees the tension behind your eyes, asking if you would like a sparring match or a good book to unwind

Bull softly leading you to a quiet place and smothering you in a hug, then asking who or what he needs to beat senseless, listening carefully if you do talk

Varric plunking himself down next to you with two tankards of ale, a deck of cards and a few stories to tell to get your mind off of everything

Vivienne fussing over you and giving you rare sweets, fluttering about you and asking which fabrics she should use for your latest formal attire, offhandedly pulling out nug-print fabrics and disgusting plaidweaves to make you giggle

Sera silently taking your hand and rushing you to the kitchens where you steal two pies and a tray of burning hot cookies and dig in on the roof while laughing over the cook raging below

Dorian doing that half-smile and asking you to accompany him to practice some spells, and he shows you colorful rejuvenation techniques on withered plants in the courtyard garden and you both work on completely overgrowing a section with gorgeous wildflowers

Cullen knowing something’s up before you even get an inch into in his doorway and clearing his schedule and the people from his room so you can talk about anything, everything

Josephine going on a long lunch break with you, pouring tea and tittering on about scandals and gossip and telling stories of things going on behind closed doors, eyes sparkling when you crack a smile

Leliana bringing you to the tower where she keeps her birds, naming each one as she passes by their crates and showing you what it takes to train and feed and nurture them, speaking in low, gentle tones

Idk these made me happy when I was upset today, and I’ve seen a few of you out there upset over finals and work and life. so be happy with me and get yourself a snack and some water or tea or the chocolatiest milk you want to make and be comfy and enjoy the remainder of the day