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Go. See. Great. Comet.

This is a masterwork of a show. It is ambitious, it is revolutionary, it is evocative, it is moving. Right now it is in trouble. As a musician and theatre enthusiast, GC is a breath of fresh air and for it to close would be a terrible loss for the Broadway community and the advancement of the genre. This show is diverse and groundbreaking, to lose it would break my heart.

If you could reblog this post and share it on other platforms, I would be eternally grateful. Every bit of exposure will help this show.

Please, buy tickets to this show. Tell your friends, your family, your schools.

Save this show.

Musical Theatre is going downhill

So kids listen up I need to rant and I’m putting it here:
The reason Musicals such as Great Comet and Bandstand are closing down is because they’re not profitable enough. Despite them being great shows and having a fan base the fan base still isn’t enough to keep them running, they need people who aren’t that big fans of theatre to come see the show too and one of the main ways they do this is to win Tonys but because the awards were so concentrated on a small number of musicals this year a lot of good shows had to try to find other ways to profit (this is why the Great Comet had so much drama with casting) and since these shows can’t profit they have to shutdown.

Now that these shows are shutting down Theatres want to put on profitable shows which is why we see so many movies being adapted into musicals coming to Broadway, a lot of non theatre people will want to see the show since they already know the story. The whole reason why the Frozen musical, the Spongebob musical and the Mean Girls musical are being made is because they’re going to make a lot of money- don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to say that every musical adapted from a movie is bad (take The Lion King or Matilda for example)- I’m just saying that this shows that musical theatre is going in the wrong direction, there are so many good original musicals that can be put on instead of remaking a story and I fear that these amazing stories won’t be told due to an easily profitable adaptation being picked over them.

lucas steele's physical beauty

i feel like this needs to be said so here we go

lucas steele has all of the physical characteristics of a disney prince. he looks so much like he jumped out of a storybook, that it’s almost shocking. he has no flaws.

so upon seeing him for the first time, people may say that he looks like a “fish” or “realistic wikihow drawing” but it’s simply because its just very WOW

in summary, lucas steele is so beautiful that you almost think he isn’t.

great comet characters as food network shows
  • Pierre: Good Eats
  • Natasha: Cupcake Wars
  • Sonya: Pioneer Woman
  • Marya: Worst Cooks in America
  • Anatole: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives
  • Helene: Barefoot Contessa
  • Dolokhov: Restaurant: Impossible
  • Old Prince Bolkonsky: Paula's Home Cooking
  • Mary: 30 Minute Meals
  • Andrey: Chopped
  • Balaga: Cutthroat Kitchen

June 4th 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Candice).

SDCC 2016 | May 21st 2017 (Grant).

A true glo up.