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fuck I just want Nick to be my boyfriend

Fun and Games || Delilah and Jackson

After ten minutes of staring at the Disk’O, Delilah still wasn’t sure how she felt about it. She vaguely remembered seeing a ride like it from the times that she’d gone to carnivals as a child but she’d never been able to actually go on it. Without fail one of the siblings that she’d been stuck with for the day would make a fuss about wanting to get candy or would beg her to help them win a toy of some sort. The candy part hadn’t been so bad, but Lilah had lost more money than she’d like to admit trying and failing to win giant teddy bears for her little sisters. The prizes here looked much more appealing than the slightly dirty stuffed animals that her siblings had coveted. She would win a chance to have her iPod sent to her if it killed her.

She drained her beer, hoping that it would somehow spur her into action. All that managed to do was make her thirsty for more and less willing to jump on a ride that would keep her from quenching that thirst. It doesn’t look that scary… And I can always get something to drink once I’ve gone on a few rides. It would be silly to give up this opportunity when she could drink to her heart’s content any day of the week. Her stomach flipped as she watched the ride start up again. Good thing she’d decided to put off stuffing herself with as much carnival food as humanly possible.