mg: birthday

As an ex-jehovahs witness I feel I appreciate my birthday a lot more than people who have never been shamed over such a simple occasion.

While I enjoy christmas a lot more and make a big fuss about it and such I still feel celebrating my birthday is more important.

As a jehovahs witness you are made to feel that anything outside serving god is unimportant, if it isn’t for gods glory than it’s meaningless, you are made to feel meek and small and to enjoy it.

Getting a whole day that is yours and yours alone can do wonders for someone’s self esteem after leaving the watch tower, being acknowledged just because you managed to survive exactly one more year since birth is really important and I just wanna thank everyone who’s sent me a message about it or even given me a gift.

I’m just kinda rambling and needed to get this post done before the day ends, thanks to anyone who wastes the time reading this.

I’m sorr I am not capable of fancy clips but i’m inspired by them.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARINA! Beyonce sang for you and Larry and Lau did a Ting with piano .____.
Every time I do something a huge surprise for you it doesn’t go through like the time I wanted a fan page to share your drawing and they just didn’t do it. I don’t know. It fell apart this year too but here’s a drawing of you in mid fall .
Loves and hugs


Mariska Hargitay is amazing. She’s not afraid of being herself or standing up for what she believes in. She is stunningly gorgeous, an amazing actress, and a genuine person. She’s an inspiration who has never failed to make me smile when I have needed it.

Happy 50th birthday to one of my favorite women of all time — Mariska Hargitay. ❤ (January 23rd, 1964)