mg: 8f

dear 8 Flavahz haters,

stop comparing these girls to the Iconic Boyz & saying that they’re just like them because they’re staying in the finale cuz they’re cute…8 Flavahz would SMASH the iconic boys anyday. & these girls are staying cuz they’re fierce, fem, & fenomonal. stop using their age as an excuse to hate just because your favorite crew went home. i swear people that do that just make me wanna take a picture of them…

kayybye. :) 



Week 12: Day 76: Rokkor Minolta Mirror 500mm 8F

I have been slightly dreading using this lens… But at the same time looking forwards to using this lens. Its a beast, and tricky, and, well fun to use. 

The trick is, knowing that the closets object to you is 4 meters away, and that is a very close to you in the view finder. And all is manual focusing. And that you are stuck with an aperture setting of 8F also. Using a high iso also helps a bit. 3200 to 5000 ISO

Here are some shots from today I took :)


Ahem. Let’s just take a moment to realize all the hard work these girls do.

abdc week 9

oh dear lord (spoilers)

  • 8 flavahz - SO GOOD. i seriously can’t handle it. i loved every single moment of it. these girls are so talented and i want to be them. favorite part - the beginning of “without you” with tam, tiara, and kaykay <3
  • mos wanted - LOVED this performance. they’ve finally managed to regain my love for them haha. i think they went back to their roots with this performance and i definitely agree that they killed it. of course loved the ending - they def killed the gloving section in general though.
  • elektro - every week i love elektro and i see a lot of comments saying that people loved this performance, however it didn’t really do it for me. i still love them as a crew, but i was actually more impressed by the other two crews. they definitely did well of course - particularly liked the stunts this week, although i felt the setup for the flip off the chest was a bit slow. they brought a different kind of style this week, and while it was good, it wasn’t my favorite.

well mos went home. i was gunning for them to go home throughout the past few weeks as i’ve been disappointed with their performances, but it’s sad that they had to leave on one of their best performances. i guess that’s just the way it goes - happened to many crews this season (like step boys ;_; i’m still sad).

as for who i’m rooting for in the final?

i don’t know. based on this week’s performance i would say 8F, but i think the world would be in an uproar if they took the title. i also like elektro more as a crew throughout the entire season and i think they really deserve to win. 

can’t contain these feels

i don’t know. i don’t know.

hats off to all three crews this week - everyone came so hard. someone has to go home, and unfortunately it was mos wanted’s week to go. they done good.


ON ANOTHER NOTE people need to stop freaking starting all this stupid drama. yes it sucks that mos went home but honestly all of these top three crews want it so bad and have been working really hard. who are you to say that one crew isn’t as talented as another? they’re all amazingly talented. that’s why they made it this far. i’ve been a mwc fan for a while - i watched nearly all of the crew members before the show even began. that doesn’t mean i’m getting all butthurt just because they got kicked off this week. they’re still gonna tour and keep all the love they got during the season. if anything, 8f and elektro need the title more because they don’t have as big a fanbase. elektro came on this show with like 100 fans at most and look how far they’ve come. obviously they’re doing something right.

and stop voting for people just because they’re attractive or cute or whatever.

vote because you like their dancing.

what is my life

also i decided. not voting for anyone this week. i just can’t.