Eight Simlish Street Signs

They’re street signs; slap ‘em on a corner somewhere. Now your sims will finally know where they’re going, provided where they’re going is one of nine streets.

Mesh by Cassandre/kibanahnah (warning: TSR), included. Font by AjaySims. Sign texture from a free texture site that I wish I remembered the name of so I could link it; thank you, mysterious texture maker. Files are compressed.

As always, let me know if anything’s wrong, etc., etc.


Bonus Simlish translation:

  • Daffodil Lane & Birch St (MG1)
  • Riverside Drive & Birch St (MG2)
  • Birch St & Box St (MG3)
  • Box St & Main St (MG4)
  • Box St & Willow Bend (MG5)
  • Willow Bend & Birch St (MG6)
  • Forest Lane & Madeleine Road (MG7)
  • Madeleine Road & Lakeview Drive (MG8)

Some of these are street names that originally came with Middleground; others are random things I came up with as I expanded the town.