No more questions | July 4, 2015

soliamosquedar - Basically his team kept telling him to end the interview, Cris says “What? You want me to be rude to the guy?!” then he shakes the guys’ hand and ends the interview. Then he turns to his team and said something like “Well what should I do? You kept saying thank you thank you end the interview, but he kept asking!” (That’s what I got from it, see if other Portuguese speakers heard the same because I’m not 100% sure)

wandaamaximov - I didn’t quite understand what the other person said to Cris, but I believe they were telling him to end the interview and if he wanted to keep answering. Here’s what he says: “But I’m not in charge of anything! He’s asking me questions, do you want me to be rude to the guy?” when he gets up he says “That’s your job, I’m not going to be an idiot towards people.”

siempreconcristiano -  Ronaldo’s PR-team and his best friend keep telling him to wrap up the interview while he’s trying to stay professional with the journalist and answer his questions, prompting him to get annoyed with an uncomfortable situation they put him in.“I’m not insisting on anything, he’s making me…do you want me to be unfriendly with this man? You’re the ones who have to do this [finish the interview], not me. You do this and I end up looking stupid.”