Tokyo Ghoul:re | Ch. 18 - “A prosthetic?! That’s Suzuya!”

Clifford as a boyfriend.

anonymous asked, “Hi can you make a preference with all of 5sos about what it would be like dating them? Like not just the strictly-positive cute fluffy stuff, I mean like every aspect of it including things they would do to annoy you/vice versa, something that would almost lead to a break up, so on and so forth.”

  Michael would probably be quite lazy in the relationship. For example, you’ll probably ditch the boys to head to the hotel, tangled on the sofa and ordering an embarrassing amount of whatever room service had to offer. One arm would cling to the other’s torso, while the other arm occasionally placed a popcorn to your mouth. I can see Michael being that super cute boyfriend; holding the door open to you every time, buying you random flowers, leaving you love notes that were like 6000+ words, spoiling you like crazy. He’ll write you short poems, then become so flustered when presenting them to you, “This is really corny, I know.” Also, he seems like the type to stare intently while you’re distracted by your phone. Just thinking about how beautiful you looked when you were calm, and how lucky he was. When you look up and ask him why was he staring, he’ll just smile lightly, his cheeks perking and whisper a playful “Shut up,” before nudging you away.  Michael’d typically annoy you by calling your name like six hundred times while you’re studying for an exam, and once you answer him, he’ll say something like, “You’re not paying attention to me, come cuddle.” You’ll annoy him by bugging him to come along with you to the pool, which would take a while because he really loved to stay home. Can we talk about sleeping with Michael? I can tell that he’ll always lay you on top of him, his hands wrapped around your waist while his steady breathing lingered on your neck. You’ll complain, saying that you can’t even full rest because he insists on holding you so closely, but whenever he doesn’t cuddle, you’ll actually be less than happy. While he’s away at tour, he’d collect few items such as key chains or pins. On a random day, you’ll receive a small package of every little item that reminded him of you.
  Michael seems like the very dramatic jealous type. He’ll probably get very jealous when you tip the delivery boy more than usual, claiming, “If I was a pizza boy, would you pay me that much?” His jealousy would spark few conflicts between you guys, almost getting as bad as a few days with you two ignoring each other. On day five, you’ll be casually looking through your cabinets in your kitchen when your front door would swing open, revealing a very sexually frustrated Michael. He’ll pin you against the wall, leaving really deep marks on your neck bc fights = makeup sex. Am I the only who thinks that Michael wouldn’t be so loud during sex? He seems like a whimper-er; he’ll watch your every move, biting his lips to keep the longing moans from escaping. Throughout the entire course, he would ask if you were alright or if he was squishing you. You’d smile lightly, assuring him you were alright while he just kissed your lips quickly.  Once he reaches his climax, he’ll release a very breathy, “Aw, fuck..” while clinging onto you. After you two resume your usual breathing scale, he’ll ask you if you were alright because he wouldn’t like to hurt you while he was on top. After caring Michael’s assured that you were alright, he’d smirk and say, “I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me,” and you’d just laugh, pushing him away.  I think Michael would pick really cheesy nicknames for you, only because he knows you don’t like them. He’ll use, “Sweets,” or “Princess,” but if he gets really annoying, he’ll use your full name which would irk the hell out of you. Overall, I give Mikey a 10/10 because he’s super cute.

This post was all over the place but I hope I covered everything you asked.

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