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with shortness of breath, you explained the infinite; how rare and beautiful it is to even exist.
                                                                                                        saturn (sleeping at last) 

should you fight them: clone wars edition
  • anakin: if you value your life, do not fight anakin. he probably deserves it, but you might die, so i wouldn't recommend.
  • obi-wan: he's gone through enough shit, why do you even want to fight him? i guess if you really need to, just know that there's no way you will ever win, but he won't kill you unless you're an immediate threat. just don't hurt him, please, he does not deserve any more hardships.
  • ahsoka: why would you fight ahsoka? do you like beating up innocent padawan ladies who have never done you any wrong? plus, anakin will probably gut you.
  • rex: literally do not fight rex. he is completely innocent and has experienced too much sadness for one very short clone lifetime, please do not fight him. plus he will fuck you up, i mean have you seen this boy??? like anakin probably won't come after you but it's because he knows he doesn't need to.
  • barriss offee: please fight barriss. you know exactly why. just do it! fight her! she deserves to have her ass kicked immediately.
  • asajj ventress: she'll hand you your ass and probably kill you, but if you want to fight her, then i guess?? sure???
  • satine: DO NOT FIGHT SATINE. you will win, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST???? plus, obi-wan will kick your ass.
  • lux bonteri: he's a great politician, but he's also as useful in a fight as a tie-dye handbag, so you probably shouldn't fight him. i mean, you'd win, but it wouldn't be satisfying.
  • padme: she might seem weak and easy to defeat, but she's had like 10 assassination attempts and she's not even thirty yet, nor is she dead. do not fight her. PLUS, anakin would try to kill you if you even looked at her wrong, so like. there's that.
  • hondo ohnaka: you should probably fight him, but you also really don't want to get on his bad side, but he's also strangely likeable, despite being a literal kidnapping, thieving, smuggling pirate? i dunno, dude. i guess you can fight him, but you should be careful.
  • palpatine: i cannot stress how much you should fight palpatine. you'll probably die, but it will be worth it.
Warcraft Plant Asks
  • Arthas' Tears: Does your character have any deep regrets?
  • Banshee's Bells: Has your character ever done anything risky or ridiculous for a bet or dare?
  • Black Lotus: Is your character given to passionate romances and escapades? How so?
  • Bruiseweed: Does your character often get into fights?
  • Cinderbloom: What's something that makes your character angry?
  • Dragon's Teeth: Does your character feel like someone's treating them as a replacement for someone else? Or does your character perhaps treat someone else as a replacement for someone your character has lost?
  • Earthroot: What is your character's preferred environment outside of a town or city? Open plains, a forest, or something else? Is it hot, cold, or warm there?
  • Eon Rose: Does your character consider love to be eternal or fleeting?
  • Golden Lotus: Would your character be willing to sacrifice something dear to them (A loved one, a cherished heirloom, or even their own life) for what they consider to be the 'greater good' (or evil, if they float that way)
  • Grave Moss: Has someone close to your character died? Who were they?
  • Lichbloom: What is your character's thoughts on necromancy? If they're undead; do they enjoy it, tolerate it, or stay unalive because they have a goal to accomplish first? Perhaps something else?
  • Liferoot: Has your character had an easy life? A hard one? Something inbetween?
  • Mageroyal: What are your character's thoughts on magic? If they practice it, do they have a favorite kind? If so, what?
  • Mountain Silversage: Is your character knowledgable? Is it the knowledge earned from experience or from books?
  • Peacebloom: What were your character's beginnings like? Humble, opulent, or somewhere inbetween? Were they raised by their biological parents or someone else?
  • Purple Lotus: Does your character learn from the past and the mistakes they have made and seen or do they continue to make the same errors?
  • Scarlet Begonia: Did your character have any crushes or romances in their youth? What were they like?
  • Stormvine: When the going gets tough in a situation, is your character likely to abandon ship or stick through with it to the end?
  • Tear of Tilloa: Has someone your character cared for ever caused them suffering? How so?
  • Twilight Jasmine: What's a secret about your character few people know?