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Problematic Palmer. Or, how not to write a “hero”.

This started off as a review of the last episode. Midway through I discovered that I’d spent the majority of my time ranting about one aspect that hugely irritated me in the last episode - Ray Palmer. It got to the point where I felt like the review was being overburdened by my utter hatred of that character (yes, I’ve progressed into hatred) and that was unfair because there is much about that episode that I really enjoyed. I don’t want the review to be overwhelmingly negative, and yet at the same time, I need to get this out because this has been taking up rented space in my head all day which has contributed to the raging migraine I woke up with. So feel free to read or not read if you don’t want to be faced with negativity. I’m saying this here so that I get it out of my system and can write my review and the Quiver post with some semblance of balance. 

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