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tips for everyone who gets a period

1. get an old sock and fill it halfway up with uncooked white rice. tie off the ankle and throw it into the microwave for around a minute. use it for cramps, also if your feet are cold at night.

2. if you have no pads, here is how you make a toilet paper pad. first you get one long strip and fold it up a bit, and put it in your undies like a pad. take another long strip and wrap it around the other way to secure the first piece. if you don’t do that second step, the first piece will get caught up in your fiddly bits and it won’t work !!!!!!!

3. take painkillers as soon as you see blood. do NOT wait until the cramps start. take it from me.

4. chamomile tea is a muscle relaxant and will help your cramps.

5. drink water !!!! stay hydrated !!!!!!!!! this is a general life tip but it helps periods too.

6. get to sleep on time. seriously, don’t pull an all-nighter if you can avoid it. it’ll make everything hellish the next day, or at the very least you’ll crash and it’ll be hell.

7. hot baths can also help alleviate cramps. also, if you want to feel all aesthetic-y, you can light a buttload of scented candles and turn out the lights. it’s super cool i promise.

8. take care of yourself friend, i promise you’ll make it through uwu


~ “I’m still in a dream… SNAKE EATER!!!” 🐍

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Snake: Otacon, I’m on the tarmac, let me in.

Otacon: You gotta say the line first.

Snake: The line? What are you talking about, we didn’t discuss a passcode.

Otacon: No, not a passcode, Snake. Aw come on, say it.

Snake: I don’t know what you want me to say, just let me on the plane.

Otacon: Saaaaaaay iiiiiiiit.

Snake: You’re not making any sense! Just open the cargo bay doors, Hal!

Otacon: I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Snake: …Can’t believe I walked into that.