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Last off topic post.

I’ve linked the Cobi Small Army models here before. For those who are doubting, they are seriously the best things ever. I took a couple pictures of my favourites, the Jagdpanzer 38(t) from their new World of Tanks line and the King Tiger with the Ardennes Forest camo on it. I decided to throw in some of my German military minifigures for shits and giggles.

The second picture has the King Tiger commander conversing with the officer on the ground. There is a medic in the back, and flammenwerfer guy in the front, and a soldier with an StG 44 and a grenade.

Third picture is the Hetzer with the commander out of the hatch in the middle, an officer on the left, an MG 34 gunner and a guy in the back with an StG.

4th pic is the King Tiger in profile. These are very well designed vehicles, and compared to actual Lego, a little more durable.

5th pic, Business end of the King Tiger’s 8,8 L/71

Hetzer in profile. My only gripe with building the Hetzer is that the tracks were kind of tricky to get on the road wheels. They were really tight, and the plastic was kind of bad. Like I said, Cobi is almost as good as Lego. They certainly have room for improvement but dollar for dollar, you are better off buying a Cobi tank instead of trying to find a custom Lego one that can go for 200+ dollars.

Another Hetzer profile shot, with a decal sticker.

Last two photos are just size reference with a German Sentry minfigure.