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Hotchkiss Mle 1909 US automatic rifle

Manufactured by Colt and Springfield Armory c.WW1 with a Warner & Swasey M1908 telescopic sight - serial number 316.
.30-06 30-round metal strip, gas operated full automatic, bipod with dedicated leather strap.

I like automatic rifles, and I like metal feed strips.

I had an IM injection of decadron and Clindamycin  this afternoon with oral ciprofloxacin and nasal steroids to begin tomorrow for a nasty sinus infection.

I have Crohn’s, with fistulas, and a long, intimate relationship with steroids and antibiotics. I knew I was going to be totally wired for the next 48 hours. So I took 30 mg of valium 3 hours ago. 

i am still totally wired.

Trip Report: Tree’s LSD experience

In my opinion LSD is one of the most amazing psychedelics out there . It can be fun, useful and mindblowing at the same time. One thing is for sure, your brain works overtime on it. You can suddenly see everything from a different perspective and like I said in my article: 5 reasons why i think everyone should try psychedelics, you will come up with brand new ideas and solutions..

A very creative and amazing individual that goes by the nickname Tree was generous enough to share his LSD trip with us. We will be posting it in parts, cause it will be easier to follow then. The content below has been written on an actual LSD trip. I want to thank Tree for sharing this with UniverseKissesxox.

The Trip, Part 1

16:00 , Monday 23.01.2017

1 seal around 200 mg

30 minutes after taking it: Effects are minimal

45 minutes after intake - I start to feel the 1st effects similar to a plane take-off, my breath is deeper and i am much more present and aware of my surroundings, the thoughts of conciousness , passage of life and time start to worry me.

I start to feel more and more distant from my body, I obsessively start to notice my bad posture.

Every breath feels heavy, as if I am inhaling water, feel an urge to get out of the house.

Pupils dilate.

I start questioning why i am even writing down the physical  symptoms. Objectivly reading trough them I notice that they seem negative and can’t describe how I feel.

Feeling i am writing this down for no use.

Stay tuned for more content from Tree’s LSD experience.