mfw i don't know what the hell is going on anymore

these are the things I’m taking for common knowledge for the people reading this:

  • Most, or at least a fair amount, of Targaryens can warg.

lol, no. There is no proof whatsoever in the books or GRRM’s interviews or anywhere that Targaryens can skinchange. The only one we know of with that talent is Bloodraven, and his mother was a Blackwood (a family with First Men origins who are also Old Gods worshippers). (Oh, and Jon Snow too, right, but again, he’s half Stark.)

  • Rhaegar wanted his children to be the three heads of the dragon.

This is correct, but what the hell it has to do with the idea that Rhaenys’s soul is in the one-eyed tomcat, I have no idea.

  • Rhaenys Targaryen was killed in King’s Landing along with at the very least her mother, Elia.

Yes, she was, and it was very sad.

  • GRRM never gives us any information that we don’t need.

(So much useless information in these books. So much. So very very much. Unless you think it’s relevant how often people have to go pee, ‘cos I don’t.)

Sigh. The point of the one-eyed tomcat being Balerion, Rhaenys’s black kitten, is not that it has relevance as the container of Rhaenys’s soul, or Bloodraven’s secret view into the Red Keep (dude, he’s got ravens for that), or any kind of conspiracy theory. It’s to be sad and tragic, and make you gasp when you realize that the old cat Arya couldn’t catch is the little kitten that Varys mentions to Ned. (And maybe he’ll be Arya’s eyes in the Red Keep at some future point, if not one of the other dozens of cats there.)

It’s my attitude to crack theories like this that is the reason why I hardly post anything to asongoftheories and throw all the asks that ask crack theory questions (that is, all of them) into the Drafts to get them out of my inbox. I probably ought not to be the one running that blog. I think the founder isn’t anymore, for that matter. :)