2/09/2016 Daily Report

My calories have been running a bit higher than I’d like this week. I had been closer to 1,500 for a couple of weeks at the end of January (when i lost about 3-4 pounds), but now they are creeping up again. I can tell that I’m eating beyond being full, so I need to start paying closer attention when I’m eating, take smaller portions and then, if still hungry, I can go back. But if it’s on my plate, I’ll eat it, even if I’m full.   Gonna try to concentrate on that the next few days – eating more mindfully.

We’ve had gale force winds, which I checked, and is 32-38 MPH winds, last night and today. To top it off, it was cloudy and cold, but I only had about 4k steps before Yoga tonight and I knew I’d never get my 10k if I didn’t walk. So I walked in the cold and wind, and I made it to 10k without having to pace around the couch much

I have to say that I was MISERABLE during the last 10 minutes of the walk, heading into the wind when the sun went behind the clouds. So freaking cold. If it weren’t for my fitbit, I would NOT have walked today, so, yeah, there is definitely motivation there.  I felt like one of those cartoon characters leaning into the wind and trudging like i was going up a steep incline to get it done.

I’m still managing to get 96 ounces of water down, plus about 12 ounces of herbal tea, which I don’t log on there, but I think counts, but that’s all I can choke down when it’s cold, so I’ll just have to be happy with that until the weather gets warmer, I guess.

In the Yoga with Weights class, I didn’t try to push the planks. My back has been touchy for the last 2-3 weeks since we started this plank challenge thing and I just can’t take that risk. I did about 30-45 seconds on my toes then dropped down onto my knees for the rest of it on both planks.  I thought about asking if I could do a headstand and build up to 4 minutes on that instead, but I don’t think Eileen would really want to do that, and I don’t want to put her on the spot, so, I’ll just have to do them on my knees.  Just not worth throwing my back out. 

I was really pleased with how my headstand picture collages came out today. Love the cosmos leggings! See them all here. 

Lastly, I’m gonna tag some mutuals in my daily reports and some other personal posts, just cos after talking about it with a few people today, we thought it would help save everyone some time keeping up with what’s going on. If you are tagged and don’t want to be, no problem, just let me know! It’s fine! If you would like to be tagged and aren’t, let me know and I’ll add you. PLEASE TELL ME! IT’S NOT A PROBLEM! And please tag me back  – you aren’t bothering me, it really saves me time finding your personal posts so I know what’s going on.


Awkward gym selfie because it was packed. 
The breakdown for ¼ of the entire buffalo chicken casserole dish. 
Overall macros with ~1800 cals. 

Today consisted of student teaching 8am-4pm where I have finally taken over the second half of the day pretty much (whole group reading, small group reading, and writing). I’m pleased with how my main lesson went and I love that participation was high. I got a carwash finally when I left and then ran 2 miles at the gym WITHOUT sucks because I forgot them. I don’t recommend that because now I have the same blister on both feet, but at least I didn’t walk at all and finished in 23:13. Then I went to Walmart to grab a few things and saw one of my students. I also bought the most beautiful strawberries for $3! 

Then I made dinner. Did the dishes. Portioned my meals for the week. ROCKED my Hammer & Chisel video. Jk, I was only mediocre, but I’m happy I got through it. Showered. And now I need to go to bed. 

Things are starting to get really intense with my student teaching. I’m Skyping with my Capstone advisor on Wednesday evening which should be interesting. And then next week my student teaching advisor is coming to observe me teach. I really need to start working on my projects for the semester. Halp. 

My “Time for Shit to Get Real” Plan

So yesterday I said I was going to make a plan and I have to 100% follow it this time.  So here is me being accountable!  I’m putting it under a break so as not to make it annoying to scroll through as it might get long.

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1/28/2016 Daily Report

I really had planned on getting a lot more done today, but overall I think I did pretty well. 

  • Did a 30 minute youtube yoga workout that was pretty awesome, 
  • took 10 minutes to do nothing but listen to the rain, 
  • got a headstand in, 
  • received my Escape The Shire medal and other swag, 
  • did a 5k walk around the mall, 
  • bought a cute sign at Hallmark that says ‘Life is short. Eat the Bacon’. (the hazards of walking around the mall!). I thought about making my own, but for $10 I didn’t think I could make it for any less.
  • Saw another sign that I would’ve loved to have gotten for @mybigfatfitlife (see above – ‘A day without wine isn’t over yet’) but am sure shipping to the northern tundra would cost more than the sign.
  • did a 1 minute plank, 
  • got my work-work done, 
  • went to dinner with friends, 
  • spent close to an hour on the phone with Brighthouse getting them to fix my stupid internet that stopped working while I was at dinner, 
  • Got pretty-much caught up on @sparkingthefire
  • Found some shirts for our Tuesday night ‘Yoga with Weights’ class that were both cheap and cute (relating to the 4 minute plank challenge)
  • Talked to Eileen and helped her save some $$ on similar shirts to give out as promotions in Jazzericse (cheaper than the normal promotions that ‘corporate’ wants her to buy – about half-price).
  • Watched the most recent Supergirl and Hawaii 5-0 episodes.
  • Did my hip and quad stretches and some foam rolling.
  • Started laundry

So … hmmm … yeah, not sure how I could’ve really gotten much more done, other than that damn hour with Brighthouse. 

Water low mainly cos the waitress at the restaurant only filled my glass once in about 2 hours. Seriously? Did you actually want a tip? Just leave the pitcher if you can’t come back any more often than that.

Shoooo  … yeah, I guess that’s enough. Goodnight.


This was the only selfie I saved today. Can you tell my hair was a greasy mess? I hate showering when I know I’ll be working out again soon, but overall check out how good I look. I’ll be interested in taking Hammer & Chisel progress photos eventually.

Also, another solid day of eating with 2000 cals. I actually kept eating because I felt like I needed it! The next few days will involve a lot of free food because of conferences. I know I “should” just bring my own stuff, but it’s free food and I’m trying to save whatever money I can. Hopefully I’ll succeed at making good choices, too! I’m ready for a challenge.

Brb while I sleep for what will feel like just seven minutes. I better not be getting sick already.



I am super-happy with how this month has gone! I’m down 4.4 pounds for the month. My goal was 3! Yes! Could the scale finally be moving again??  Could the 2015 plateau have broken? {{fingers crossed!!!}}

I haven’t been under 215 since March of 2015!!!  I’m trying to not get too excited, but I’m super-hopeful that I’ve finally out-waited this plateau, or finally found something that is working.

What I’ve done differently the last 2 weeks:

  • Increased carb intake and lowered calories. Carbs are 100% in the form of LOW GLYCEMIC vegetable. This week, it included: cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, some beans, & spaghetti squash.
  • My calories have been falling in the 1500-1800 range, rather than the 2000-2300 range most days, but if I’m hungry, I eat. I’ve learned that lesson too many times before. I’m not shooting for a certain calorie intake, per se, but trying to stop eating when I’m comfortably full and not eat again until I’m actually hungry.

I will continue this approach until it stops working. If it stops working, I think i will jump back to super-low-carb keto for a week, and then back to this and see what happens. I had just  come off being super low carb for about 2 months when I did this mostly by accident and the scale moved. So, maybe switching up between the two had something to do with it. Anyway, we’ll see. For now, I’m gonna keep sticking with this until it stops working.

If I can lose just 3 pounds a month, I can get into one-derland by my next birthday. That would be the best birthday gift ever!

Jan - 215  Feb - 212  Mar - 209  Apl - 206  May - 203  Jun - 200 July - 197

I have also been working on my other goals for the year, tho, admittedly, I haven’t made a lot of progress on them:

  • I have been working on my core strength and upper body pretty regularly, so I hope with time that will start to show rewards. 
  • I’ve also been doing my stretching of quads and hips pretty regularly, at least 5x a week. I know this will be a slow process, but again hoping with time it will show dividends.
  • I tried to go to one new class this month, but the class I attended did not match the description on the web, and it ended up being just a regular yoga class, not one incorporating aerial hammocks. I’ll keep working on this, tho, and will hopefully get 10 different classes in this year.  
  • I’ve looked up a few different places to bike / walk so I’ve got some ideas lined up, now I just have to get out and go to them and get it done.

Can you tell I’m just super excited and feeling extra good today? Also, it’s gunshow Friday because I said so. I have been tracking my intake more thoroughly this week on MFP and I am so proud of myself. I feel so light. 

Monday - 1849
Tuesday - 1697
Wednesday - 2446 which includes ½ a pizza and breadsticks
Thursday - 1829
Friday (today) - 1565, but I’ll probably have a small snack soon

BOOM. Besides the pizza (which was “skinny slice” crust), my intake was great and I only had a few small indulgences. Finally I am doing something right! 

Today was really good though. I didn’t get as much done at Starbucks as I wanted to, but I wrote a reflection in my journal for one class, wrote most of a math paper for another class, and then started cutting out fall themed designs for a creative project I’m doing. Look how cute those ghosts turned out! 

10/10 would do today again. I hope you guys had a great day, too! 

Edit - I also killed my workout! Dirty 30 for the win + stretching.


2200 cals today, but almost a perfect breakdown of macros. I gave up on homework because I’m too tired to function. I sadly haven’t been in bed by 11pm in longer than I can remember so this is kind of glorious. Also, I’m still sore just in that one spot so I lazily pulled out my roller stick. Goodnight.


Project Accountability 7/15: today I had to push myself to get 10k - notice the start time on that run! It’s totally due to myfitbitfam pushing me everyday! Also look at that run path - that’s the run of an insane person 😂😂
Probably should have eaten more today but it’s so late now and I hate eating before bed and find my weigh ins are terrrrible. I’ve also been super frustrated because I’ve been stagnant with the scale, and I know there’s so much more to the journey than seeing the scale go down but it’s nice to see.
I also moved the screen shot to lunch and dinner because I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday and I’m lame 😂