If you like Carmilla you might try...

So, as someone who wants to write webseries for a living, I’ve watched my fair share of shows. These are some of my favorites, in alphabetical order. Since webseries actors have a tendency to pop up in other productions, I’ll list notable people as well.

All for One - Produced by KindaTV

A literary series based off of the three musketeers, A4O follows the story of Dorothy Castlemoore as she attempts to rush the sorority Mu Sigma Theta, and the problems (and hilarity) that ensues. (PLUS, though it is non-canon the fandom has a theory that Inseperables members cookiemonster, canonicallyace and worstdanceever are Laura, Beth and Lizzie, respectively.) I give this show a 5/5 queer rating for gender swapped characters, canonically queer ladies and a bisexual character who says the word bi! 

Notable Actors - Alejandra Simmons, Angie Lopez

Couple-ish - Written by Kaitlyn Alexander and Sharon Belle

Couple-ish follows Dee and Rachel, as they attempt to trick the Canadian government into thinking they’re dating so Rachel can stay in the country. I give this show a 5/5 queer rating for sheer awesomeness.

Notable Actors - Kaitlyn Alexander, Sharon Belle

Haunted or Hoax

Follow best friends, Casey and Jac, as they attempt to determine whether Grantham House is haunted, or if it’s all a Hoax. I give this show a 5/5 queer rating for an all female love triangle.

Notable Actors - Natasha Negovanlis, Sydney Kondruss

High’rd Help - Written by the fandom’s own Olivia D'Agostino of Fool’s Gold renown

Ava is an awkward high schooler who gets some extra-ordinary help from Charlie, who is possibly the world’s WORST guardian angel. I give this show a 4/5 queer rating for canon bisexuality, and so many lady kisses.

Last Life - Produced by Puma Squad

In a world with good and evil witches, Sloane and Taylor are two soulmates with questionable pasts that must find each other in each life they live. I give this show a 3/5 queer rating for lady kisses.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries - Produced by Pemberley Digital

Emmy award wining and one of the first major literary series, LBD is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice where Lizzie is a grad student vlogging as part of her thesis. There are several companion series throughout so make sure to try and watch them all. I give this show a 0/5 queer rating, for straightness, but it’s still good.

Notable Actors - Ashley Clements, Mary-Kate Wiles, Maxwell Glick

March Family Letters - Produced by Pemberley Digital

A literary series based off of Little Women, MFL is about the March sisters as they send video letters to their mother. I give this show a 4/5 queer rating for a canonically ace character (Beth), and lady kisses.

Notable Actors - Alejandra Simmons, Natasha Negovanlis

Matchless - Written by Olivia D’Agostino

Alex would be a typical college student, if her dad wasn’t the devil. Follow her as she gains new powers, and tries to save the world. I give this show a 3/5 queer rating for lady kisses and bi characters. 

MsLabelled - Produced by KindaTV

All Ella wants to do is be a fashion blogger, but being an assistant for a fashion magazine will do for now. I give this show a 2/5 queer rating for a few queer characters. 

Notable Actors - Sydney Kondruss

Muzzled: The Musical - Produced by Will Save Productions

In a world where singing grants you power, the Blackhearts are a faction of people who must wear a magical tattoo called a muzzle to keep them from singing. Malfalia, the daughter of the leader of the Blackhearts, just wants to sing. This star studded cast is really remarkable. I give this show a 0/5 queer rating, but again, it’s still very good.

Notable Actors - Ashley Clements, Mary-Kate Wiles, Maxwell Glick, Lauren Lopez (of Starkid), Joey Richter (of Starkid), Jeff Lewis (of The Guild), Ashly Burch (Voice actress most known for Chloe Price), Juliet Landau (Buffy’s Drusilla) and the series was created in part by Matthew Mercer (Voice actor most known for Chrom in Fire Emblem or McCree in Overwatch, DM for Critical Role) 


Zelda and Esther are two high schoolers trying to find themselves in a boring suburban town. I give this show a 1/5 queer rating for eventual queerness.

Notable Actors - Mary-Kate Wiles

Till Lease Do Us Part - Produced by The Gay Women Channel

Each season follows a different lady-loving-lady couple as they are somehow stuck in a lease. I give this show a 4/5 queer rating for all-around queerness.

Notable Actors - Season 2, Angie Lopez, Winnie Clark (of Almost Adults)

This list is by no means the end-all-be-all of web-series, and the rating system is literally just my own opinion. but, like I said, these are some of my favorites. Stop by my inbox if you have suggestions for me to add or if any of the links are broken. Happy watching!

Hindi Space Vocabulary

अंतरिक्ष (antariksh)[m]- space
ब्रह्मणड (brahmāṇḍ)[m]- universe
विश्व (vishva)[m]- cosmos
बिग बैंग सिद्धांत (big bang siddhaṅt)- big bang (siddhaṅt means theory)
आकाश गंगा (ākāsh gaṅga)[m]- galaxy (literally sky ganges)
सौर मण्डल (saur maṇḍal)[m]- solar system
तारा (tārā)[m]- star
राश् (rāsh)[f]- constellation
ध्रुव तारा (dhruv tārā)[m] - northern star
सुर्य (surya)[m]- the Sun
चाँद (cāṅd)[m]- the Moon
ग्रहण (grahaṇ)[m]- eclipse
ग्रह (graha)[m]- planet
बैना ग्रह (beina graha)[m]- dwarf planet
बुध (budh)[m]- Mercury
शुक्र (shukra)[m]- Venus
पृथ्वी (prthvī)[f]- Earth
मंगल (maṅgal)[m]- Mars
शनि (shani)[m]- Saturn
बृहस्पति (brhaspati)[m]- Jupiter
अरुण (aruṇ)[m]- Uranus
वरुण (varuṇ)[m]- Neptune
यम (yam)[m]- Pluto
काला छिद्र (kālā chidra)[m]- black hole
उल्का (ulkā)[f]- meteorite
नीहरिका (nīhārikā)[f]- nebula
माहनेव​ (māhaneva)[m]- supernova
ध्रुवीय ज्योति (dhruvīya jyoti)[f]- aurora (literally northern flame)
इन्द्रधनुष (indradhanūsh)[m]- rainbow
 (vāyumaṇḍal)[m]- atmosphere
सम्तप मण्डल​ (samtāp maṇḍal)[m]- stratosphere
हवा (havā)[f]- air
आकाश​ (ākāsh)[m]- sky, heaven
गुरूत्वाकर्षण (gurūtvākarshaṇ)[m]- gravity
विकिरण (vikiraṇ)[m]- radiation
खगोल विज्ञान​ (khagol vijñān)[m]- astronomy
खगोल विज्ञानी (khagol vijñanī)- astronomer
ज्योतिषशास्त्र​ (jyotishshāstra)[m]- astrology
अंतरिक्ष यात्री (anatriksh yātrī)- astronaut (yātrī means traveler)
अंतरिक्ष केंद्र​ (antariksh kendra)[m]- space station
अंतरिक्ष यान​ (antariksh yān)[m]- spacecraft (yān means vehicle)
रॉकेट (rōkeṭ)[m]- rocket
उपग्रह​ (upagraha)[m]- satellite
कक्ष (kaksh)[m]- orbit
दूरदर्शी (dūrdarshī)[f]- telescope
वेधशाला (vedhshālā)[f]- observatory
अपर देशीय​ (apar deshīya)[f]- extraterrestrial life
उड़न तश्तरी (uṛān tashtarī)[f]- UFO (literally flying saucer)