i suppose his behaviour could be shrugged off as typical teenage stuff, but there as also the drinking. Every morning before class, this 15-year-old, small town kid would pound back an entire six pack in the parking lot, virtually gulping down the cans one after another. A lot of kids got high, but this was different…darker.

he was getting….



Mother Fucking Dalle

Glass cockpit - All instruments in a screen

Avionics- Glass cockpit

Glass cockpit avionics are a class of avionics, which uses light indications and/or screens to indicate all the parameters and indications needed for the operation of the aircraft. There are numerous aircraft types today flying with glass cockpit configurations, due to the simplicity and user friendlier interfaces.

In early days, glass cockpit use was limited to PFD (Primary Functions Displays), MFD (Multi Function Displays) or a PFD that incorporated MFD functionality. Those early glass cockpits paved the way for ever more complex and advanced avionics driving us now to an almost paperless cockpit. The main reason that such avionics were invented was that the limited space in the cockpit of an aircraft, could not fit all the needed avionics that the pilots needed to have direct access. The typical avionics of the pre-glass cockpit era were bulky heavy and made a total mess with their wires and tubes, practically making the back of the panel/firewall a total jungle of tangled wiry things and labels

Commercial aviation

In commercial aviation simple glass cockpits, were firstly introduced in medium Jets(B734,MD-80,A310,), then fund implications in heavier jets(A300,B744,B672) and business jets. These early glass cockpits were mostly limited in indicating the flight crew with all the vital indications that conventional instruments would do, but in a more suitable way. For example in the case of the air speed indicator in glass cockpits there were now automated needles that moves, let’s say when the pilot retracted the flaps or extended the landing gear to clearly indicate the new operation speed limits of the aircraft in that configuration. Also all autopilot indications and bags were incorporated in the glass cockpit for greater easiness. But the most crucial change was the HSI (The main navigation instrument up to that day), had a meeting with the garbage can. It was totally replaced with an all new design that gave the pilot all the indications that he wanted. Incorporated moving maps with live route-distance-time indications, weather radars, combined HIS and RMI functionality it was the Christmas present that any pilot of that era could have wished.

Hello EICAS, Goodbye flight engineer.

Later came the EICAS system(Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System), which was very bad news for one particular airman in the cockpit. The flight engineer now could retire or get his hands dirty again in the hangar, since he had no job in the cockpit. EICAS is an integrated system used to provide aircraft crew with aircraft engines and other systems instrumentation and crew annunciations. This system incorporated also annunciator panel with prioritized colored indications and advised solutions, some came with even intergraded checklists. This system clearly offered the aircrew with a powerful toll to cope with any improper indications, simply scanning 1 or 2 screens instead of 1 great and complex flight engineer panel, which needed an independent controller to supervise. The difference can be clearly seen in the case of the Douglas DC10 and the Douglas MD11, which was the first jumbo jet to do without flight engineer.

Everyday pilot get a new file saving tool.

The next step was to find their way to a wider market, and in the crammed cockpits of GA(General Aviation) aircraft. These implications came with many challenges, first and foremost how to fit the computer banks needed in bigger commercial aircraft (We are talking for a whole room) in a very very small panel. Garmin took the challenge and came up with the striking G1000, which is an all round full panel substitute. If you want to retrofit your Cessna 172 to Garmin G1000 you will have to wave goodbye to all your existing instruments, radios, receivers, indicators and the stupid vacuum pump ware. The G1000 has almost no moving parts to have mechanical wear, so no more inop labels on the panelJ. After Garmin came many other companies like Dynon and MGL avionics that are mainly targeting experimental and ULM markets. These days you can buy and have a full glass cockpit panel for your ULM ultralight aircraft with full autopilot and altitude hold, moving maps and synthetic vision for as much as 6000$.

‘out of context D&D quotes’ starters p.3

“Ironically, tasting this blood is the most legal thing I’ve done all day.”
“Stand back while I get touchy-feely with this door.”
“Goddamn it guys, you’ve been in this jungle for five minutes and you’ve already given the indigenous tribes alcohol and taught them about war!”
“Sir, if you have a moment, I’d like to talk to you about spiders.”
“I mean, I just want to kill Rudolph.”
“But I was screaming diplomatically!”
“So… How’s it feel to be outshined by a bird?”
“Okay, sounds like the lesbian power couple cover is a go.”
“Do not hotbox the sin cube!”
“Suck on that one, Anubis.”
“’Punched’ is one word. ‘Fisted’ is another.”
“Wow. Man arms. …. Marms.”
“You know, I seem to remember you being a lot more gung-ho about this before you were on fire.” 
“Wait, shit, are we a cult now?”
“My grandma fucked a dragon.”
“You can’t kinkshame me! I’m the storyteller!”
“From an architectural standpoint, we should set it on fire.” 
“How do you loose 10,000 oil-soaked rats?!”
“My mom said you’re not allowed to kill me tonight.”
“Not my brain! I use it to think! … Sometimes!”
“Ah, so that’s who the butt belonged to.”
“Spoiler alert, your parents are dead.” 
“You mean to tell me we busted a hole through the church for nothing?”
“We should invent Christianity!”
“We will get you tearaway pants. It’s just not our priority right now.”
“So… Why did we hire the bear again?”
“Where the fuck is the sexy tree?”
“PLEASE don’t open any Hell portals in the car!”
“Sorry ma’am, your basement is now cinders and a god of rats has cursed your family forever.”
“I will eat a human femur one day, but today is not that day.”
“It was in my chest cavity, I get to keep it!”
“Who wants to desecrate a corpse?”
“Goddamn it, you killed the sun.”
“You can’t just call dibs on someone’s body parts.”
“If we can fit five bodies in here, let’s fit five bodies in here.”
“We are not starting a weasel slave market.”
“I fell on a bullet that was going the speed of sound.”
“You’re an MFD? What’s an MFD?” “Motha fuckin’ DOCTOR.” 
“Candles are really cheap. I’d like to buy infinite candles.”
“Oh my god! They were alive when they were murdered!”
“Are those monkey eggs?”
“I’m going to punch the water! Fuck your hydrogen bonds!”