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Hey Operation-Martins-Birthday admin here -- I had no idea you were giving our blog so much love!! You perfect human being!! LET ME LOVE YOU! *tackle hug* I want to feed you biscuits and tea and watch series three with you. Seriously, thank you so so much!


Anything I can do to help, darling! If it’s not obvious, I love Martin. He’s amazing, and what you’re doing for him is absolutely wonderful! *cuddles* <3


If you’re not already, go follow Operation-Martins-Birthday for details on the brilliant things they’re doing for Martin’s birthday xx


This charity won our poll by 55%. Stand Up To Cancer is a charity that funds cancer research, in the search for a cure. Martin has personally endorsed this charity in the past.  

Sounds great! How can I help?

Excellent question! There are two (main) ways:  

 #1: Donate Money to the Cause

We have set up a Team Page for Operation Martin’s Birthday, on the Stand Up To Cancer website. We thought using their site directly would cut down on outside websites collecting fees (or people worrying about where their donation is going).  The donation button below will lead you to a page asking for credit card and personal information. There isn’t an age limit to donate, but if you’re under 18, please get your parent’s permission before using their credit card.   


#2: Vote in the Bille Celeb Charity Challenge

This is a website that is not affiliated with Stand Up To Cancer in any way, but we have chosen that charity to receive the prize if Martin wins. This website is a lottery contest and it is free to enter. However, you must be 18 or older to play since it is a lottery. You can vote once per day.   Added Bonus: Voting for Martin means you’re entering a chance to meet him in person!    

  There is a secret third option to help by signal boosting this post, and telling all of your friends to follow our blog! If we break the $500 goal, we can raise it! And wouldn’t that be a wonderful birthday present for Martin?

EDIT: The magical buttons won’t link on your dashboard. But if you’re looking at it from anyone’s individual blog, the links will work! Sorry for the confusion everyone.

Update: 51% Raised

Just wanted to show everyone that we’ve made it past the halfway point! (unless we can blow this out of the water and raise even more money – which would be awesome!)

Thank you to everyone who has donated, reblogged, or signal boosted to this point.  There is still plenty of time to donate, or ask your friends and family to help cancer research and donate again.  

Also, remember to send Erin any of your drawings, videos, or birthday wishes for Martin.  And head over to the Bille daily to vote!  :D


Calling all Freeman Fans

As some of you know, we are trying to do something special for Martin’s birthday this year. The first being, we are collecting money to donate to Stand Up To Cancer in Martin’s name. You can donate here.

Also, by voting daily for Martin here at the Billie Celeb Charity Challenge, we will also have a chance to win more money for the charity.

We are also collecting messages/art/edits/photos for a video (maybe a book instead, depending on submissions and time) which you can either submit here or send to

Please share, donate if you can, vote daily, and send in your messages! <3

So here is our surprise/secret!

The fabulous walkamongstthestars has entered Martin Freeman in “The Bille’s Celeb Charity Challenge” representing Stand Up to Cancer. This is a way to earn up a minimum of €10,000.00 (roughly $13,000.00 US) for this charity. That’s the minimum guys! Think how happy Martin would be if we did this for him!

I think this is a wonderful way for everyone to feel like they are contributing because it doesn’t cost you any money.  So even if you’re a poor college student, or unemployed, you can do something to help.   

You’re probably wondering if this is legit, because it sounds too good to be true. Well, the Supernatural fandom recently took over this challenge, winning it for Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki the last three months in a row! (Fandoms get shit done!) Also, it’s very easy to sign up to vote and they send you reminder emails every day so you can keep voting. 


If you’re still reading, I guess you need some more persuading. Okay, how about the fact that a randomly selected player who voted will get to meet Martin!  Each vote is another entry in the draw!So every time you vote, it’s like entering a free raffle to see Martin Freeman. The contest pays for the planes ticket. I don’t think it gets much better than that!


As of posting this, Martin is ranked 136th. We won’t know the number of votes until he is in the Top Ten. To do that, we’d need to get over 3,000 votes and beat out Tom Hiddleston - which I’m sure we can do!  I won’t spam you guys with this - but I will post reminders every month or so until we win for him.  We can still raise money for ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ if you choose.  It’ll just be a bonus.  

Birthday Messages for Martin~

Martin’s birthday is getting closer, and the deadline for sending in birthday messages is today! So please send in your messages for Martin to the blog or email us at:


Don’t forget to donate (I know we’ve passed our goal, but still…) if you can and vote for Martin as well.

Please share around for others xx

Birthday Messages for Martin~

Martin’s birthday has sort of crept up on me, and I just realised we only have a month until his birthday!

The time has come for me to set a deadline on the birthday messages. So please send in your birthday messages for Martin to the blog or email us at: by the 14th August


Don’t forget to donate if you can and vote for Martin as well xx


You can help show Martin you care - Donate Here and Follow Here


Don’t want to spam you guys with this voting thing, but we just wanted to point out that in just over 48 hours, you guys have brought Martin from 136th to 70th place. You did that! By voting for him! That makes us so proud to be a part of this fandom!

If you haven’t voted, there is still plenty of time. Any votes we collect for Martin will keep accruing, month to month, until he reaches first place. 


We can do this guys! It’s not a question of if Martin will win, but when will he get there. You guys are awesome!

we won’t post these all the time, but we just had to say how impressed we are!


Friendly Reminder:  In about eight days we’ll be sending the tallied results of the donations we’ve collected to Martin, along with all your birthday messages. So if you want your donation included in that total, make sure you send it in soon!

Thanks again everyone!


We have reached our goal of $500 for Stand Up to Cancer!  

That’s money going to fight the spread of cancer!  We all did that!  I am actually crying right now, because of how touched I am.  

Seriously, thank you to every single person who reblogged us - who encouraged their followers to donate.  And a big thank you to everyone who donated.  You all contributed, and we are very grateful to you all!  

Together, fandoms can do amazing things.