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how did haymitch win the games?

HE OUTSMARTED THE OTHERS /intense sobbing/
Haymitch won a quarter quell edition, the second one, where instead of having 24 tributes, there was 48. He made an alliance with Maysilee Donner
but they broke it when they finally reached the end of the arena, the edge of a cliff, where they thought they could find something useful. Maysilee left Haymitch since she didn’t want to kill him, and Haymitch finally found out that there is a forcefield down there in the cliff: he throws a rock off and the forcefield throws it back at him.
Later, after Maysilee’s death and all, he is the last one along with a career from D1, a girl with an axe. They fought but Haymitch was really really hurt and ran near the cliff, where he finally collapsed on his knees. The girl threw her axe to his head but Haymitch avoided it, leaving the axe falling into the cliff. But since there was a forcefield, the axe came back and killed the girl.

Also, if you would like to watch the 50th hunger games, Mainstay Pro did a fantastic fanmade movie of 12minutes long. You can watch it here!!!

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You post so many fandoms, you used to only post the hunger game

listen let’s imagine THG is a chocolate ice cream, I used to love only chocolate because I only had this on my fridge (my dash whatever) and then some people put vanilla ice cream and then lemon and strawberry and then

i got fat i’m ok with it and my fridge is so much better

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you're one of the only French I follow and thank god you're here because as a French what I saw the last few days on Tumblr has really made me SICK TO MY STOMACH, I don't understand how people can be such know-it-alls, how they can say such stupid things when obviously French culture is so different from US culture or any other culture... I DON'T FUCKING GET IT and it makes me nauseous that we are all seen as some racist idiots defending a racist newspaper.... so keep on being awesome love ya

heya high five and let’s hug french fellow! we’re going through some hard times sadly, let’s spread the love

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Most memorable kiss?

the kiss wasn’t memorable at all but what happened after totally was

i was 10 and we were in the forest with all the school and my teacher caught us and the boy i was kissing was really embarassed, he suddenly pushed me away and i was like wtf man because i fell my butt hurt so i just

punched him in the face

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Since you kill animals, I'm curious : have you ever stolen something?


uh yes i was 6 i stole a teddy bear and a pen in a shop nobody noticed and when i was home i felt really bad so i told my mom what i did while crying and she was like OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT so i cried even harder and she said NO really kid you’re talented that’s impressive and i was like w h a t

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Did your crush ask you out?

no i did actually HAHAHA awkward

like we were talking about movies and i just said let’s go see one together and i think he was surprised i asked him but then he just said ok but *i* will pay the tickets

so it’s pretty cool