Michael Fassbender ALPHABET — Charlize Theron
Michael Fassbender is one of the best actors that I’ve ever worked with - he’s just hands down one of the best actors I’ve ever been around. He has an immediate access to what takes, on a good day, hours for most actors and on a not so good day, months for other actors. He has just a real, raw talent. He’s spectacular and he is a dream to work with. Speaking of just, like, walking into a room with no ego and is just a canvas that wants to do good work and serve the story and is so aware of everybody that’s around him. He is, like, my dream actor to work with.


Michael Fassbender ALPHABET — Brandon Sullivan
“Brandon is someone who doesn’t feel comfortable in an intimate environment. It just freaks him out and it’s an area he just loses control in. For whatever reason specific to him, he can’t handle it. Even down to his sister coming. The idea of her embracing him even in a hug… That makes him squirm, he needs to get out of that. Again, with his sexual relationships he’s much more at ease paying for a prostitute or having a casual encounter with someone for one night. Because they leave his life and they don’t bring any of their emotional life into his life. Therefore, it’s all kept clean.”