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John finally got to the river, and when he finally got a fish, it was"the one that got away".

Wow, hello all of you new wonderful faces! I can’t even begin to express how excited I am that you like these sloths so much that you feel like watching for a bit! I hope you’ll all stick around!

A little about myself!

My name is Megan Jones, i’m originally from the backwoods of Missouri, near the BBQ haven of Kansas City, and i’m currently in graduate school at MICA in Baltimore, MD in the MFA in Illustration Practice program. During the first year of this interdisciplinary program, the students are immersed in different workshops, showing the wide variety of where our work can be applicable within the field of illustration.

Where did you get such a crazy idea?

 During a self publishing workshop, I came up with the idea for a humorous booklet (or zine), that revolved around characters that I had been doodling for awhile, such as sloths, kakapos, etc. being explorers, artists, and businessmen. This is where Sloths Are Bad At Things was born! I created a zine with 12 sloths trying their best, printed and hand cut 30 copies for sale. After that first edition, i’ve been asked to produce more for various local sales. I’m hoping to get in contact with a local comic store to see if they can be sold there and online through their company, so stay tuned on that aspect!

Now what?

Now that the book has been finished, i’m hoping to find a publisher that would be interested in it, or using it as a jumping off point for a longer book. If nothing comes back, then I’m planning on running a kickstarter and finding a way to get these sloths out to the wider masses for everyone to enjoy. 

But don’t fear newcomers! The series will continue! I’ll be working on little sloth friends alongside developing my thesis, so please, if i’m a little sloth-like in delivery, be understanding! They will continue for a long while! And if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to message me in the ask a question column. If I like it enough, it may be done!


I currently have an exhibition that is going to be at the Greenbelt Community Center Art Gallery, 15 Crescent Road, Greenbelt, MD from June 1st - August 15th as part of their summer exhibition Show Me A Story. Most of the original sloth paintings, copies of the Sloths Are Bad At Things zine, along with a cute plush narwhal I made are going to be included in this exhibition with other MICA illustration students. If you’re in the area, come check it out!

And Prints!

If you are interested in purchasing prints of some lovely sloths, check out my stores at Society6 or Etsy (I’ve made some small 5x7 prints and the original hand made Sloths Are Bad At Things zine are available here! If you order through the Etsy, I can personalize these if you want!)

So far, Kevin the Tennis Star, Mario Lanza the Matador, Henri the Chef, and Xander the Window Washer are on Society6, but if there are others you’d enjoy, please let me know!

And again, thank you! I’m so excited to have you all here!!

The MFA Illustration Practice students at MICA put together a mini-zine for MOCCA! Here’s my limited color palette submission. I was already in the process of designing a mermaid to be turned into a decal and fired onto a sushi set, so this was a pretty easy solution to kill two birds with one stone! 
As for the sushi set - it’s actually a sushi and ramen dish set I’ll be whipping out as a personal project full of mermaids, mermen, underwater warriors, sunken ships, and divers. I’ll be sure to show you guys more of that stuff soon!


What’s this? You want to know what I’ve been doing? Working on my MFA thesis animation pitch, Zodiac Riders!

I’ll be posting the entirety of the concept designs soon, but I figure I might get you all started with the Gemini Twins Pollux and Castor. Yes, Pollux is a girl. But I love how similar the two of them are. And their matching moles. 

Plus their moto-bike that splits down the center. Because they work as a team, even when separate.

The show will be up for about two and a half weeks at the Riggs Gallery in MICA’s Graduate Studio Center. Expect more posts soon!


At MICA, we’ve been asked to compile all of our concepts, process, assignments, and personal work from the past academic year into a single volume. While a lot of work, it’s been a lot of fun because the design and title of the book are entirely up to us. After settling on Hinterland (an area lying beyond what is visible or known) as the title, I drew copious amounts of inspiration from some 1960s vintage book covers last night, then made it happen!

I took this opportunity to fill the frame with some of my favorite things: funky mushrooms, fluffy alpacas, greyhounds with robo-legs, and topless deer ladies doing the pug hop. 



My works capture the profound emotional moments in the human journey when events beyond our control change and propel us backwards in time. Such flashbacks evoke fleeting memories that soothe or haunt, delight or vex; regardless, they spark creative explorations of the psyche that inevitably manifest my recurring theme: the inescapable connection between humanity and nature. - Lisk Feng

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