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when roughly do you think your rp will be making an appearance in the tags for apps bc *coughs* i am legit waiting for a beautiful rp that i can fully commit to and am waiting for you bc you're making me excited for it *cough* but yanno no big deal homie

you sound like EXACTLY the people i want to apply okay!! this rp is gonna last if i have to give my kidney for it!! and okay so HOPEFULLY this friday is when everything will be all said and done, so it should be set to drop saturday i venture to say?? but you’ll know the plot and all roughly wednesday, bc that’s when our promo blog should start making those cute ‘coming soon’ posts :’)


To submit a theme, shoot us an ask or a message, anonymous or otherwise. Please try not to repeat themes from past years, and limit them to one or two words each.

Other than that, send us as many as you like! And please reblog, so that we can get people involved in this process in order to bring you the best ship weeks possible~

“In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s … like … your brightest star.” Cress, Ch 47


Shitty oil pastel of a still life arrangement on my dresser. There are //a lot// of things wrong with this but my teacher was like “what’s the mf theme of the holy water and shit” and I was playing dumb as fuck saying “I dunno it’s just stuff on my dresser, the usual” and then she was like “think about the mf theme” and then I went back to my dorm and picked a tarot card and got the Hierophant lol

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New blog theme online! Hope you will enjoy this new minimal style and the stupid description box lol Please let me know if you encounter any technical problems, everything should work fine both on firefox and chrome, I don’t know what’s the situation on other browsers x) Kisses.