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“In a constellation, the brightest star is called the alpha. I thought maybe you meant that she’s … like … your brightest star.” Cress, Ch 47

some Jay & Evie headcanons

these can be read as platonic and/or romantic :)

  • Jay and Evie have the ability to hang out together and just not speak to the other for hours, although they usually have quite a lot to say individually. They simply like to enjoy the other’s presence in silence ad it isn’t awkward but companiable, they don’t need to justify it with words.  Evie would usually be sewing while plays on his phone or try to study (try being the key word).
  • late at night during sleepovers, when Carlos is already dead to the world and Mal has isolated herself with her music, they start to have those deep thoughtful conversations about the universe and life and death that none of the others know about. They go on and on for hours until dawn and they usually end up sleeping side by side, Evie’s head on his chest and his arm wrapped around her.

Now let me tell you about personal space with these two: 

  • it simply is non-existent.
  • ever since they held hands during their quest to find the dragon’s eye, they’d found themselves naturally gravitating towards one another. At first it’s only in stressful situation, then in less unpleasant ones. And it’s obviously because the other’s presence soothes them down and reassures them. They’re not on their own anymore and even though they don’t dare calling the other’s their friend, it is exactly what they are
  • Uptown funk OR Jay and Evie’s official jam. They heard it for the first time in Auradon, obviously, and Jay instantly started to bob his head to the music while Evie was smiling approvingly. By the end of it they’re just staring at each other with goofy smiles and the next day they have a full choreography made up, mixing Jay’s break dance moves (“I’ll pass that, Jay, thank you”) and Evie’s smooth ones - she forces him a little at first but it turns out that the son of Jafar can actually dance.

Which leads us to:

  • that time Evie made him be her dance partner. Doug was sick and she could not miss a dance lesson so she turned to him (Carlos was busy with homework) and he grudgingly accepted - after she promised him she would make him a new leather jacket - although at this point he was going to accept anyway since he can’t actually resist her.