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Mark Gatiss Download & Streaming Links

This is a collection of download and streaming links to Mark Gatiss-related TV, film and audio content; ranging from the League of Gentlemen to Sherlock to A History of Horror, from cameos in obscure 1990’s sitcoms and radio documentaries on Doctor Who to London Spy and Game of Thrones. (Not forgetting the legendary film ‘Sex Lives of the Potato Men’.) It’s unlikely to ever be a comprehensive set of links to everything he’s done, but hopefully it’s a pretty good place to start.

This list is in approximate chronological order, divided between the League of Gentlemen related material, other TV/Films and then Radio and Audio Books. Where shows are commercially available in your area please watch, listen, screencap and gif away, but also consider purchasing the relevant DVDs or legal downloads as applicable. If you like it (and Mark/the League/etc) then buy it and help to support more creative works!

If any of the links are broken, incomplete, stop working or go all screwy in any other way please let me know and I’ll try to get things re-uploaded. I’ve got around 50GB of material uploaded and lots of links so apologies if things have got mixed up anywhere. The streaming links aren’t mine so if they break I’ll just try to find an alternative!

Hope you enjoy and spread the Gatiss-appreciation. <3

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