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“He is so sweet, and he’s there with me. He’s not in a separate room, he’s right there and, ya know, he’s helping me with the lines. He’s doing the other characters, doing the other voices, and, I mean that’s just so much fun. It’s good to have a director that also is serious but he still gets into it.”

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girl i haven't even seen that mf movie so roll back the attitude you can be critical of shit but calm it with tha "oh i guess ur ok with yellow face then" like this jumping to conclusions shit

lmao then idk why you’re so keen on “overlooking” the yellowface in that movie if you’ve never seen it. and i never said “ "oh i guess ur ok with yellow face then” i just asked a simple question :)

Firsts (jaspar imagine)
  • Ok so Joe and Caspar have had sex and Joe was Caspar first with a boy but after a while when they being all cute and shit watching a movie on Joe’s laptop in the dark in Joe’s room (their room). 
  • Joe tells him that Caspar wasnt his first and it just hits Caspar and he’s all ???? because wtf?
  •  he didnt think that Joe was interested in any boys before him and he’s all sad and asks “who the fuck was the guy?”
  • Joe has his arm around Caspar and he’s drawing lines up the boys arm and he hums his answer “some guy I met at a pub, no big deal.” and fucking Joe just watches the movie for like 20 some minutes while Caspar is trying to take this all in
  • but its a big deal. he knows all the pubs Joe goes to because he goes with him so he can’t help but ask “do I know him? and his mouth keeps on running and he asks, “Did you like it?”
  • Joe finally realises that this is in a way bothering Caspar so he shuts the laptop lightly and puts it on the foot of the bed. He sits up and Caspar copies.
  • “Why are you asking me this Casp?” and Caspar fiddles adorably with the duvet and shrugs, “Because I wanna know.” Joe frowns and takes the boys hands, “why?” 
  • Caspar blows out a dramatic breath and rolls his shoulders, “i don’t have any experince, you’re the only guy ive been with so I have nothing to compare with.” and there is this tint of red in Caspars cheek that brings a smile to Joe’s face.
  • “Compare?”
  • Caspar’s face grows redder and he nods. Joe stares and the stare makes Caspar squirm until he can’t help himself, “Was he better than me?” 
  • Joe gets it now and it only makes him love Caspar even more, he brings Caspar closer so their legs tangle under the blankets, “No, with him it was complete shit.”
  • Caspar wants to believe him, he really does. “How do you know?”
  • Joe suddenly grins. He somehow manages to sort of climb into Caspar’s lap but sort of doesnt. they are simply tangled limbs.
  • “With him it was messy and fast. I was confused as fuck and didnt know what these feelings were. BUT with you I know exactly what I’m feeling.” Caspar looks like he is about to protest or just fight what Joe is saying but Joe simply leans in and he kisses the boy on the lips.
  • His lips break from Caspars and trail from the corner of the boys mouth to his jaw and to the bottom of his ear and yeah he does it on purpose, he blows his hot breath onto the boys senstive skin.
  • “And you’re sexier than him so thats a bonus.”
  • They become tangled limbs in a whole other way.

yeahhh well here’s a masterlist of my jaspar imagines and the oneshots I write:

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you can suggest a imagine if ya want :)

Well very often I guess you do find it funny in the most serious situations, you know? I don’t think there’s any situation that mankind has ever been in where there haven’t been jokes. Do you know what I mean? Like people telling jokes in order to stay alive, you know? Um… and it’s important. It-it genuinely is important. Don’t tell me I’m lying. You know it’s true! Um, there’s nothing that we won’t try and find humour in because it’s liberating and because it makes you feel less scared in that moment.
—  Martin Freeman (x)

Silk (2015) liveaction movie fancast: Arden Cho as Cindy Moon

“Crime really doesn’t pay. But punching crime sure does. Surveillance footage bought me another week on the job. Edited to exclude that D-lister’s escape, of course. Memo to self: tie up bad guys. Also: learn own strength. Also: find new place to live.”

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