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After Reagan's first arc ended MF joked in an interview about how Reagan could come back and Nick would be like "I love that one (Jess) but I also feel like I could love this other one (Reagan)" and that he'd be torn between them two because he'd have no idea of Jess' feelings and would be dating Reagan. Do you think the writers got their inspiration from her or she knew something already? If they got it from her they should've asked her for more ideas for her arc 'cause theirs weren't good.

I’m not familiar with that interview! it feels like she was right because that’s probably what’s happening. But I doubt that writers take ideas from the cast (except Zooey since she’s a producer aswell) or even guest stars to be honest, but I’m not in that business so I’ll never know that for sure.. but I don’t think they got the idea from her! :) what do you think?

Dog Days are Over (part 1)

Quick drabble based on what may or may not have happened to me once irl. There will be a pt 2, but both pt 1 and pt 2 will be able to be read as standalone stories.

Title: Dog Days are Over (part 1)

Summary: Zeref is defeated, the world is peaceful, and Natsu and Lucy are… dog-sitting? 

Rating: PG 13+ (for minor language) 

Warnings: fluff, and questionable jokes

Sometimes, letting Lucy pick their jobs wasn’t all bad. Sure, she had a tendency for avoiding all the ‘fun’ jobs (honestly, that girl had faced down the black mage Zeref and was now dating his younger brother and strongest demon; what part of ‘subdue bandits’ was she afraid of, exactly?), but lying on a deck chair and lazily petting the golden retriever curled up next to him, even Natsu had to admit that this job was by far one of the best he had been on. Whirlwind chases and fiery heroics were great, and all, but even immortal dragonslayer demons like him needed rest sometimes. 

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