mf history

Thank you so much Obama. You are greatly appreciated and I am forever grateful that you were the first president I have ever truly known.

I was 8 years old when you were elected and now I’m 17. And it has meant so much to me that you were the first president that I ever grew up with.

I witnessed mf history when I was only 8 years old when America elected a beautiful black man as the president and his gorgeous wife and daughters as his support system. You all were family to me and to everyone else in the U.S.

You have set the path for other black folks that want to excel in life. You graced America with your intelligence, your humor, and your way of thinking about things no others have thought about.

You stepped into a mess and cleaned it up. A mess that a president before you made and you got done what had to be done. Justice for all in 9/11.

You and your family are everything everyone aspires to be.

We will all miss you and I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.

We Love You Mr Former President, Barack Obama ❤️

The Combat Jack Show - Guest: Bobbito Garcia ft. Jean Grae

When I met Bobbito back in 1989, when we were both interns at Def Jam, I never imagined dude to be facing such an illustrious career. Basketball, official #Shoemanati, a&r, label owner, author, actor, filmmaker… we talk about the origins of MF DOOM, his history with kicks, memories of the legendary Stretch & Bobbito show, his documentary ‘Doin It In The Park’ … man this is too much. PLUS Jean Grae sits in as a guest co-host. Is she gonna be a permanent feature??? Tune in.