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Deep/Sad Rap Songs

Mac Miller - Life

Chance the Rapper - Acid Rain

Chance the Rapper - Paranoia 

Biggie Smalls - Suicidal Thoughts 

Nas - I Gave You Power

Illogic - Hate In A Puddle

Metal Face Doom - Strange Ways

Kid Cudi - The Prayer

Earl Sweatshirt - Chum

Tyler, the Creator - Bastard

Tyler, the Creator - Pigs

Immortal Technique - You Never Know

D12 - The Good Die Young

Talib Kweli - Get By

Eminem - When I’m Gone

Hopsin - Dream Forever

Atmosphere - GodLovesUgly

Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPower

Jedi Mind Tricks - Uncommon Valor 

Classified - Inspiration

Vinnie Paz - Is Happiness Just A Word?

2Pac - Brenda’s Got A Baby

King Geedorah - I Wonder

Jay Z - Song Cry

Brother Ali - Nine Double Em’

Aesop Rock - No Regrets

Obie Trice - Hands On You

Game - Doctor’s Advocate

Hodgy Beats - Alone

Ice Cube - Why Me?

Ill Bill - When I Die

Lowkey - Voices Of The Voiceless

Dr. Dre - The Message

Murs - The Pain