Reblog if u appreciate altos. And I don’t mean “reblog if you recognize that sopranos would sound pitchy if altos weren’t there to sing harmonies.” I mean reblog if you appreciate girls who can get bassy, who can’t play Christine, who constantly have to take it a fifth or an octave lower so as not to damage their vocal chords. Reblog if u would listen to a solo from a girl with a medium voice, who can’t go particularly low but can’t go particularly high, instead rocking those middle ranges. Reblog if you wanna tell all the altos out there who have struggled with confidence bc they just wanna sing higher, just wanna get solos and melodies for once, just wanna be as appreciated as sopranos, that they are beautiful singers with beautiful medium low voices who are beautiful and valid and worthy of attention.

How to be sick like a classically trained singer in 6 easy steps:
  2. pretend it is allergies
  3. continue to attend lessons and rehearsals as normal
  4. fool yourself into not knowing why it’s more difficult than it should be
  5. tell yourself you just need water and a hot shower
  6. break down and cry and sleep for two days 
You Don’t Need To Belt To Sing

A Broadway Fanmix that non-belters and belters alike can slay the hell out of

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The Hill from Once // Before It’s Over from Dogfight // Dark I Know Well from Spring Awakening // Send In The Clowns from A Little Night Music // Blue Wind from Spring Awakening // Nothing Short of Wonderful from Dogfight // I Get A Kick Out Of You from Anything Goes // Wouldn’t It Be Loverly from My Fair Lady // Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening // I’m Not That Girl from Wicked // If My Friends Could See Me Now from Sweet Charity // Without You from Rent // Another Suitcase in Another Hall from Evita

I’ve figured out that the difference between private voice teachers and choir directors is that voice teachers are strongly opposed to the concept of a female singing any part lower than mezzo soprano whereas choir directors honestly don’t care what part you sing as long as you leave them alone bc they are very tired and salty and in desperate need of coffee this morning

And she told me, she said what’s important is not you having a big career or having great success, what’s important is that when you’ve been given a gift in life, you owe it to yourself to invest in it and try to build it and care for it because just as easily as it’s given it can be taken away. And that was a really good way for me to be able to feel like I could try and not feel the pressure of, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to succeed at this,’ you know?
—  Kate Lindsey (mezzo-soprano), talking about first getting into opera with Opera News.