I saw Great Comet on July 11th! And sat in Row D of the Center Front Mezz right on the aisle.

There was one more row behind me before the aisle between the Rear and Front mezz.

Things that happened at this seat:

- There was an ensemble member up on the balcony and throwing perogies to everyone and my friend and I caught his eye so we caught a perogie! They were really good and amazing.
- A lot happens in the Mezz, especially the Front Mezz aisles
- there are ensemble members playing their instruments and dancing, really fun to smile at them and get a smile back
- Cathryn Wake was playing the accordion by me, a lot of this and others moving around during the Prologue and Pierre
- During The Opera, the ensemble was lined up wearing black cloaks and, from what I remember, just standing creepily.
- Anyway, more ensemble members were dancing on this aisle, rather suggestively. So That was fun and surprising lol
- Pierre, in his drunk stupor, climbs up and crosses the Mezz so it was really cool to be close to him, though no immediate interaction
-During Dust And Ashes, the entire cast who Isn’t Pierre, lines up on that space between the Front and Rear Mezz and sings the chorus. Lucas Steele was right in line with my seat so I kinda just stared at him?? The whole time. He caught me, I felt bad, but yes he is very beautiful and I could only hear his notes during the chorus and I cried
- During the Ball, you can see two same sex couples dancing on both sides of the mezz!
- Also, during the Ball, when Anatole forcefully kisses Natasha, the ensemble is all around the room, in aisles and stuff- and they sit down and ring their glasses. That happened right next to me too.

- It is possible to get a letter! While I did not personally receive one, a couple ensemble members passed a few out to rows in front of me.
- There’s not a lot of other interaction except a beautiful place to watch the entire stage (except for like the very edge. Not a lot happens there anyway and if it was something, easy neck crane to do so)
- This was my favorite sequence in the entire show. There is SO much going on, everywhere. Especially on the Mezz so I will try and go in order.
- During Balaga, an ensemble member came up to me with a basket of Egg Shakers and told me to grab one and pass it on. I noticed how there was no real system because not every row had one, and it was not the same pattern in the section beside me
- those Egg Shakers are a Lot of fun
- Balaga is Everywhere. He will come up on the Mezz and grin at everyone. Heath Saunders was Balaga when I saw and Boy, I love him
- The Abduction was SO much fun.
- When Anatole sings “Everyone, raise a glass!” my friend and I looked at each other and held up our drinks that we got during intermission. And Reed saw us, came over and said “Cheers, guys!! Thanks for playing along!” And clinked his little shot glass with us and we all took a sip. (Note: I did put down my drink after that so I could focus on egg-shaking but my friend held theirs up again during Pierre’s bit, and another ensemble member came over to clink with them too).
- During this part of the song, the audience IS truly a part of the musical. And It’s So Much fun.
- More ensemble members on the aisle with their instruments.
- There is that Dance Off that happens between two members. The one on the Mezz is standing on two tables in the Rear Mezz while the other guy is on stage.
- When the Chaos, kinda stops, the ensemble member that was besides me, just kinda fell down and laid down for a good rest of the song until the end of Pierre and Anatole.
- The Ensemble is still all scattered during The Great Comet of 1812, the line too. Which just echoes through the whole theatre and shakes you to your core.
- Then they all gathered for Bows on stage, I believe.

AND THAT, is pretty much all that I can remember of specifics when I sat there. I highly recommend an aisle sit if you can, there is so much movement by you and so much eye contact that you can make. Really does make it feel like we’re connected to the show.