The Waldo Hotel - an early 20th century Beaux Arts masterpiece in downtown Clarksburg, WV - is in terrible shape indeed.  Here, on the mezzanine overlooking the grand lobby, the various molds growing on the wall, combined with the peeling paint and slaking wallpaper, create a scene that almost looks like a modern art painting.

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Every so often I spot a property that, even though it’s under offer or, as in this case, has already sold, is so great looking that I need to feature it as a Design Files post. Because for everyone’s that’s looking at property with the aim of buying a new house or flat, there are even more people looking purely for design inspiration.

And this contemporary townhouse on the cobbled St Pauls Mews in London’s NW1 is absolutely packed with inspiration. This terrace of classically inspired townhouses was built in the late 1980s to a design by the renowned architects CZWG, although this property has since been completely refurbished by the current owner working with architect Tony Michael.

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Fearless on my breath