Ok but my cat?? Is the softest creature to ever walk this earth??? She’s too precious I don’t deserve her (ㄒoㄒ)

now when nygmobblepot finally becomes a couple, Edward has flashbacks to those moments where Oswald offered that dinner invitation, thinking of how heartbroken the poor little bird must’ve been. So Os comes home only find the dining room in a beautifully romantic setting(just like the dinner invitation probably). Edward would then enter the room with a smile, pulling the seat like a gentleman before his bird sits down.

They would spend hours talking about their first meeting, their growing bond over the years, seeing how much has changed. Now in that episode, Le Vie En Rose was playing in the background, so Edward would totally stand up from his seat to offer a dance.

Oswald, like the nervouswreck he is, could only nod before they slow dance for sweet, long, mezmerising minutes. Staring into each others eyes, lips only inches away with their hearts pounding in unison oh my goooooodddddddd


“I couldn’t dream anymore.
There was a hole in my heart and everything fell out of it.“ 

- Eddie White, The Cat Piano