This weeks off topic. writing with a fountain pan. Watch this in full screen and with headphones; very mesmerizing. 


Weeee!!! I’ve got the summer time blues!

The good kind. Not the bad kind.

Anyways, these two colors are nice an bright for the upcoming summer season!

The top color is Essie’s Fashion Playground. The day this color was announced Stephy and I (and the lovely, fabulous paigeroo5) were so excited! I, personally, have been searching for a great mint polish because the only one I had found (OPI’s mint color) did not look good on me at all. This specific mint is the perfect mix of brightness and lightness and it was a little bit of shimmer to it. It’s a really pretty summer color! I wore it for easter and got a ton of compliments on it the entire time I wore it!

The bottom color is Essie’s Mezmerised. Now this color is actually much brighter then it look sin my pictures. If you have a Pinterest you’ve probably seen this color floating around. The Pinterest link is what the color actually looks like, it look more navy in my pictures - I blame the lighting in my house. It’s a bright summer color and it’s a pretty rock and roll color.

If you’re sick of coral or pinks for the summer I suggest trying some of the summer blues! They’re just as fun and different!