mezamashi live 2013

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めざましライブ2013 3代目 J Soul Brothers (by kuchan2000)

Sandaime J Soul Brothers performed 4 songs in Mezamashi Live, and it all upbeat :D
They performed Fighters, Look @ Us Now, SPARK, and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
I love seeing Omi dance btw :3 I hope he would dance more often :3 *yes, i’m being biased in here :p

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めざましライブ2013 THE SECOND from EXILE (by kuchan2000)

THE SECOND performed 4 songs in Mezamashi Live, Think ‘bout it, Clap Your Hands, Bump Up, and Survivors
Watching them performing makes me want to dance too :3


131229 Seungri - GGBE on Mezamashi Live Island Tour 2013 digest (this is a footage of Seungri’s performance back on Sept 25th)