Dear Markiplier.

(i blame you @dogiplier)

I’ve told story so many times that I’m sure it’s starting to sound like a broken record by now.

My friend was spending the night at my house one night and she told me that since I was watching Cry a lot, I should check out “this dude named Markiplier” because his videos seemed like something I’d enjoy. I remember watching 7 Days to Die #2 a few days after it was uploaded and, welp…I guess you could say the rest is history lmao.

Over time your videos became something I could go to when I was crying, when I was dealing with anxiety, and when I was generally feeling like crap. You made me feel less alone when I felt like I was in a void.

I fell out of watching his videos for a bit because of school and stuff, but in December of 2015 I suffered the worst anxiety attack I’ve ever had. Nothing was helping me and I didn’t know what I could do to help. I actually almost woke my mom up so she could take me to the hospital or something. On a whim I decided to check your channel and watch the first video I saw (Markiplier Opens Your Presents) and within like…Minutes, my anxiety attack was over. I didn’t feel like I was suffocating, and I think that was the turning point for me. You truly helped get me through the hardest point in my life.

I made my first official post in the tag in February and, well, it’s been wonderful not being just a silent watcher. I’ve met amazing friends and, while I have my down days, I’ve become a happier, kinder person. I don’t think things would be the same if I hadn’t started watching you.

I ended up getting a tattoo on my wrist and, funny enough, Sunday marks one year since I got it.

This ended up being way longer than I anticipated but oH WELL. Thank you for helping me be a little bit happier, and thank you for building a community that loves and accepts everyone.