Joy to the Yogis: Day 1 ~

Today has been full of Christmas songs, yoga and planning! I made some homemade applesauce while dancing to Christmas songs, then did some Christmas shopping and tried on lots of clothes in TK Maxx, before working out my schedule for this month and doing some calming yoga in my sitting room :) 

I found this pose sort of hard, I felt the stretch in my hamstrings, which I think is good :D 

Hope y'all had a great day <3

on friday i was like I REALLY WANNA GO FOR A HEADSTAND so i got myself a pillow, a chair and asked my brother to help me up, i was up there terrified! but it was still something

on saturday i used the chair by myself, and pushed myself off and achieved my first headstand!

today i attempted a headstand without any chair, and bam look i did it! 3 days, that’s all it took!