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I love movies about siblings, if you have the time, would you be so kind to recommend some by women directors? You have a very great taste.

Well firstly thank you for the compliment! But also thank you for the question! Having a sister myself I am super partial to movies about sisterhood but I’ll try to throw in a few with brothers as well!

Some of my faves: 

The Parent Trap - Nancy Meyers
The Savages - Tamara Jenkins
Belle - Amma Asante
Eve’s Bayou - Kasi Lemmons
Little Women - Gillian Armstrong
Raw - Julia Ducournau
My Brother the Devil - Sally El Hosaini
Mustang - Deniz Gamze Ergüven
Songs My Brothers Taught Me - Chloé Zhao
Into the Forest - Patricia Rozema
Lovely and Amazing - Nicole Holofcener
Sweetie - Jane Campion
The Midnight Swim - Sarah Adina Smith

Also, even though it’s not a movie, the TV series Queen Sugar, which is entirely directed by women, is focused around three adult siblings so you might want to give that a shot.

Happy watching! 


“In society, we’re just not prepared for a woman to play like a man. If you look at all past winners who are female…they want to vote for the girl next door. They don’t want that sly woman who lied and calculated and backstabbed people. They’ll give it to a man because that’s what society is prepared for. Why’d they give it to Lisa? She was the girl next door.” — Danielle Reyes

My Favorite Big Brother Queens BB15-BB19

Elissa Slater - Big Brother 15

Helen Kim - Big Brother 15

Candice Stewart - Big Brother 15

Vanessa Rousso - Big Brother 17

Audrey Middleton - Big Brother 17

Shelli Poole - Big Brother 17

Jackie Ibarra - Big Brother 17

Da’Vonne Rogers - Big Brother 17/18

Bridgette Dunning - Big Brother 18

Natalie Negrotti - Big Brother 18

Michelle Meyer - Big Brother 18

Tiffany Rousso - Big Brother 18

Dominique Cooper - Big Brother 19

James in school
  • Teacher: okay James what's the answer to this equation?
  • James:
  • James:
  • James: uh, I mean, whatever the house wants I guess