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Charles Luciano was arrested around 25 times throughout his life. Here are some of his mugshots. The top image was taken between 1929 and 1931 - I’m assuming - since he looks younger than his 1931 mugshot, but still has the droopy eye he got from his attack in October, 1929. The rest of the images were taken on February 2, 1931, April 18, 1936, and June, 1936 respectively.  

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MEYERLANSKY said: It’s actually likely that the first mugshot is from before the ’29 ride; I usually see it dated ’28, when he was questions about Rothstein’s murder. There’s another lineup with Charlie and the Diamond brothers that was taken before the ride, and he’s got some droop in that picture as well. The tendon damage from the attack exacerbated it for sure, but it seems like Charlie had a natural uneven-ness to his face even before it :P 

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“Leave the car. You ride with me.”

The long line of cars trundled down the road ahead of them, rumbling along the uneven road, their dim headlights barely illuminating the rocks and potholes before they dipped and swelled with a jostle and a creak. Meyer watched the road; Charlie watched Meyer. This was not the best arrangement, as Charlie was driving.

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Better late than never I suppose. Here’s a special Valentine’s Day shoutout to @flyboyskywalker, @goatsandgangsters, and @meyerlansky! You guys are rad, and you brighten my day when I need it. You’ve given me story ideas and sweet compliments, and I just want you to know you guys are awesome.

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   i’m forever pissed we didn’t get more meyer+munya interaction beyond the shootout in the woods, it would’ve been such a good dynamic and FULL of snark /grabbyhands    

They are my favorite pairing that never was because ostensibly they’re very similar - exiled Russian Jews far from home who are a lot tougher than they seem at first glance and have a sense of clawing up from the street - but are actually so different: Manny basically knows he can’t rise above middle management, missing Odessa, a family man first, vicious in response, and resigned to his fate, while Meyer is everything else - collected, business-minded, nakedly and desperately ambitious, and ready to cast aside his roots to build something new here. Old world vs. new world, and so good.

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for that sentence prompt thing, next or pov? either or both, whichever you're feeling :D



“We are not like them,” Meyer says, “We are not like our fathers. They are weak and defeated. They settle for breadcrumbs and think the suffering misery brings them somehow purifies them. You and I,” he says, fingers brushing against Salvatore’s arm, “We can have anything we want, if we’re willing to work for it.


“He made me dig my own grave,” Meyer says, with a voice that doesn’t sound like his. The wave of cold that runs down Charlie’s spine starts when his mind hasn’t even processed Meyer’s words yet, when he’s still not fully aware of the implications of his sentence.

Meyer is shaking softly, shoulders hunched. He looks exhausted, as if he’d run on terror until he found himself out of Charlie’s suite, and then just stopped trying.

How fucking *dare* he. How dare him even *imagine* to harm a hair on Meyer’s head. 

Charlie should be marching out of the room right now, he should be driving to that shithole Thompson lives in, he should smash his fucking head against a wall, break every bone in his fucking hands, he should…

He grabs the crystal bottle on the coffee table, throws it against the wall. The crash isn’t nearly as satisfying as Charlie needed it to be. Meyer flinches when the bottle hits the wall, and that’s all Charlie needs for his head to clear.

Do nothing. He should wait, he should *think*. That’s what Meyer would do.

He crouches in front of Meyer, slips the glass from his trembling fingers, holds Meyer’s cold hands between his.

“Not yet,” he says, looking right into Meyer’s dark eyes, “Not yet, but soon. Soon, Meyer. All right? I promise.”

Meyer’s eyes look softer than they usually do, when he says: “I know.”

Had to figure out what of the stuff I’d already written would work lol

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shitty brat fiore is honestly my favorite fiore characterization and i support it

i was already in a poor mood by the time “I Really Don’t Give A Shit” came along but that made me whoop out loud in the office because suck it, jesse



So according to the pharmacist…no drinking. At…

anecdotally i do know people who are on antidepressants who drink and have never had an issue? i feel like “you’re not supposed to drink with any medication” is like.. the healthcare professional answer, considering what alcohol is, but idk from a little googling i don’t think it’s acetaminophen levels of DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING THIS

Maybe, but she did add something about these meds in particular (SSRI).  That something remained vague, so…*shrug*

I’ve got a follow-up appointment in a month, or I meet with my therapist in a couple of weeks, so I’ll clarify then.  I think I’m in denial, where Imma keep asking until the answer is yes.

It’s just vexing.  Like being told I can’t have chocolate or something.  I don’t have it every day, but I can have it when I want, y’know?