meyer may

Baron Adolph de Meyer, Dolores, Vogue, May 1919.

Caption: Eager-eyed from under her bridal veil, she gazes in the fortune-telling crystal, hoping to see her dreams there in the clear yet mystery-filled glass. Fastening the draping veil of rose point lace are jeweled wings of platinum set solidly with diamonds and only Cartier could have devised the flexible setting. 


Just One Word May BPC
Day 31: Freebie

Some of the books I’ve gotten from OwlCrate in the past few months


Well between yesterday and today Alex has been tweeting up a storm. He replied to some people. Tweets from Fueled By Ramen,Jack and All Time Low in response to them being on late night with Seth Meyers May 2nd. Bonus response from Tyler from State Champs.


After dumping Leidy, Meyer ~may or may not~ have began dating a Meric.

Her name is Ara. Due to political uncertainty and potential of a civil war in their home country, her family immigrated to Avva while she was very young. Despite growing up with her family in a Meric community within the city, she has little knowledge or connection with her species/nation’s culture. Her family is wary of how “close” she is getting to the Ocos and their way of life. 

Ara is quiet and generally withdrawn, and enjoys growing (and eating) flowers  and nail art.