Goodbye & Hello Kiss | Tommy/John/Arthur

Request: Is it possible for one of you to do all three shelby brothers with the goodbye and hello kiss proms leaving and coming back from war? meybe it’s a bit much but just a thought”

Warning(s): gender neutral reader, decided to make this a quick headcanon post because i have no energy to type out a full fic right now

A/N: i was listening to the entirety of “Awaken, My Love!” while writing this can you tell


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  • doesn’t really give a proper goodbye kiss
    • he’ll have already done that plenty the night before
      • smiles against your lips because god he’s so in love
      • lots of cuddling and forehead kisses
  • gives that lopsided smile
  • “I’ll be back before you even realize I’m gone, I promise”
    • “And when I do get home, I’m taking you on holiday”
    • “Tommy you’re broke”
    • “I’ll find a way, don’t you worry about it”
  • is probably smoking as he waits for the train
    • “Tommy, I swear to god those things are going to kill you”
    • “I’d like to see them try”


  • almost completely silent as he makes his way through the crowd
  • he spots you from afar, looking for him
  • will approach you but doesn’t make the first move
    • you can tell something is wrong; something is different
  • and different he is
    • the most you get is a small kiss on your forehead
  • it takes him weeks to finally kiss you again
    • and when he does, wow
    • he hasn’t spoken much at all to anyone, he’s been drinking excessively, hasn’t been sleeping properly
    • finally you catch him sitting on his bed, head in hands
    • “Tommy, are you alright?”
    • he just breaks down, which is a sight because Thomas Shelby doesn’t cry
    • you try to calm him with reassurances 
    • after he steadies his breathing he just leans against you for a while before slowly lifting his gaze to meet yours
    • and there’s a small moment of silence before he leans towards you and kisses you
      • slowly, and it’s more powerful than any other kiss the two of you had shared
      • slowly he lays you down, his hands still trembling faintly as he struggles to hold himself over you, kissing you again 
      • “Let me take care of you, Tommy,” you rest a hand against his cheek
      • he nods, head leaning into the crook of your neck, his breath still shaking from distress, or was it anticipation?


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  • “What are you gonna do without me?”
    • “Anything I want, I think”
    • “Don’t worry I already told Pol to make sure you don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone, eh?”
  • lots of smiles 
    • and laughing 
    • and hugs and -
  • pulls you close and kisses you hard
    • like, you could’ve sworn you almost touched the ground he dipped you back so far
    • “Christ, John, keep it in the bedroom, eh?”
    • “Shut the fuck up, Arthur-”


  • as soon as he steps off the train he’s looking for you
  • he pretty much mows down the crowd getting to you
    • picks you up, feverishly pressing kisses to your lips
    • does the thing where he spins you around
    • still kissing you as he does
  • once again, lots of laughing and smiling and
    • his brothers glaring him down
    • he can’t help but let his hands wander as he smiles and mumbles against your lips how happy he is to be back, he missed you more than he ever fuckin’ imagined he could, some days he missed you so much it hurt
    • “Didn’t we already tell you to keep it in the fucking bedroom, John?”
    • “Didn’t I tell you to shut the fuck up?


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  • soft kisses that trail from your lips to your jaw
  • “Don’t go falling in love with someone else while I’m away, you hear me?”
    • “Don’t you trust me?”
    • “I do, I just don’t trust anyone else in this fuckin’ place”
  • he already smells of whiskey and smoke and it’s hard to forget but you still hug him close and try to memorize every part of him while you still can
    • he presses light kisses to your neck as you do
  • “On second thought, I might just stay-”
    • “Arthur, stop, you’ll be home in a few weeks”
    • “Yeah, that’s still a few weeks too fuckin’ many”


  • it’s almost immediately apparent that the war hit him the hardest
  • the kisses are barely kisses, more of just your lips ghosting each other
    • he whispers to you about the nightmares he’s had already
    • “I didn’t think I was going to make it back”
    • “But you did”
    • “Not all of me did”
  • it’s more hugs and just..him trying to relearn the way your arms feel wrapped around him
    • he buries his face in your hair and mumbles about how he was most afraid of not seeing you again
    • he apologizes already because he knows things won’t be the same, he won’t be the same
  • “You’re still my Arthur, no matter what”
    • “You can say it all you want but I’m not the fucking same and you know I won’t be, you deserve much more than-”
    • “Before you left I promised I wouldn’t fall in love with anyone else and even though you’re back I intend to keep that promise”
    • “The fuck did I do to deserve you? You’re fucking perfect, you know”

Thank you to all the amazing artists who agreed to let me use their artwork in this video!  Credits and links to each piece below the cut.

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vip challenge: [3/3] favorite pairings - gdyb

GD: I am really nothing without you. Thank you. Rather than saying you are a friend, you are more like a brother to me
YB: While we were practicing together, spending time together I really learned a lot from Jiyong…In some sense, I believe I am here today because Jiyong helped me along the way. For me, he’s more than just a friend or even more than a brother.


*Wild Vimes/Vetinari askblog arrives*

- And what are we supposed to do here?
- Apparently we should answer questions concering our relationship.
- What? Why?!
- Lady Sybil asked.
- Who’s going to see this?
- A group of young people from alternative universe.
- Wtf?

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Hmm, this meybe is crazy but I ask, are you playng in some multiplayer games? If Yes why not to play, like 1-3 Times in month with Your followers? I think that could be interensting :3

Actually, I thought about doing something like that long ago, but never really considered putting it into action because too shy. (´• ω •`)

I wanted to play Minecraft with some friends and Siren Legion-ers last year too! I really, genuinely love playing that game multiplayer! But time and depression took me away and it was never brought up again. ( ╥ω╥ )

Would really love to do this tbh, just play some games with some of you. Get to know more of my followers outside of likes and reblogs and Tumblr avatars. And to actually spend time with my online friends again because I’m a lonely sack of potatoes irl and I miss laughing/smiling with people across the world who make me feel like I’m home  。・゚゚*(>д<)*゚゚・。

Honoring Bwonsamdi

So joo be ah followah of da Loa of death, hmm? Me too, mon. Ah know nah everyone can kill bebes in da name of Bwonsamdi like ma muuka did, so ‘ere some othah ways ya can ‘onah ‘im witout ‘aving ta be killin everydey. 

First t’ing ya can do is go to ah place where life be thrivin, cause where dere life, dere be death. So all ya ‘ave ta do is find ah nice forest or visit da jungle, or anywhere ya t’ink be good.

Next ya take et all in, look around ya, at all da plants, animals, even da rivahs. T’ink about ‘ow da plants will withah, da animals die, and da rivah will dry, all in Bwonsamdi’s name, onleh fo’ da cycle ta continue fo’ as long as Azerot’ live. While ya be observin, joo should be lookin fer signs of ah fresh death.

Bwonsamdi love da fresh souls of da dead, eithah bein ah lizard or ah troll, ‘e takes all. So now ya should be lookin fo’ bones, feathahs, and skulls fo’ ya altah. Make sure dey be for ah fresh kill, da mighteh da bein, da bettah. Once ya altah readeh joo can make up ah bowl of ya own blood, t’row in some othah t’ings dat feel right fo’ ‘im. Aftah dis et be up ta joo if ya want ta be meditatin or chantin.

Now ya be ‘onorin da Loa o’ Death. But remembah, worship be different, ta worship ‘im, ya need ta be killin. Whethah et be maulin da neck wit ya fangs, shootin an arrow t’rough da ‘eart or swingin ah sword around. Da mo’ ya kill da mo’ ya ‘ave ah chance wit Bwonsamdi’s gift. Pain ain’t got nothin ta do wit’ givin ‘im da souls, so et be best if ya give da beast ah quick an easy death.

  Ma mothah dedicated ‘er life ta Bwonsamdi, and ‘e was ma first Loa, so even though ah wasn’t da one who chose ta worship ‘im, I’m glad ah do..She alwehs said ‘e be da one ta care fo’ us aftah life, ah sure she meant mo’ den dat, but ah was pretteh young when she tol’ me dat… Ah ain’t sure why dis ‘appens…meybe ets cause of all da worship ma muuka did when ah was livin inside ‘er. But Bwonsamdi give me dreams sometimes, but dat’s ah storeh fo’ anothah time.